top 6 skincare masks

HELLOOOOOOOO youtube world!

y'all, this is SUCH A FEAT!!! over sunday brunch, my foodie friend @wanderlustanita and i were discussing the youtube world, and what i wanted my first video to be like... she told me, "better done than perfect!" at this point... SO TRUE. i tried my best on this one and for some self taught editing... not bad janna doan (yes, i talk to myself in third person occasionally). i have many things to work on ("UHMMM." yes, i know, i say it a lot, it's very annoying, i'm trying to quit that!) and ideas already brewing in my mind that i can't wait to execute down the line. i am really excited to introduce this new facet of; think of it as me coming to life from still images?! maybe you should be scared. haha, either way i hope that you will follow me on this (rocky) journey. 

this is long overdue and i am proud of this video because it was NOT EASY. diving into the unknown, teaching myself videography, and Adobe premiere editing/formatting (thank goodness for google and youtube tutorials), still images, music, formats etc...! can you believe this is only the beginning?! i’m just scratching the surface. i will say, it is pretty awkward sitting in a room by yourself talking to a camera. just sayin'. i hope to one day look back and see how far i’ve come. it’s all about starting somewhere and making progress, am i right?!

skincare masks are my BFF. they should be yours too! i’m an avid person when it comes to masks. i do them on the REGULAR, the same day each week, guaranteed. also it’s a great way for you to treat/pamper yourself after a long day or even if you have a girls night in! if you find yourself always forgetting to do them, put it on your calendar, set reminders, MAKE TIME until it becomes a habit! remember, good skin doesn’t happen overnight. it takes years of consistency and finding a routine that works for you. so start now with some masks! in all my photos and now video, i do NOT wear ANY FOUNDATION (ain’t nobody got time for that). not bragging (because trust me my skin is nowhere near perfect), but merely stating that this is a huge testament in what consistency, taking care and investing in your skin will do for YOU (and maybe a good ring light too, lol). 

view my FIRST YOUTUBE video after the jump! xx

signing off and celebrating this thing i call and look forward to most in life #thelittlevictory.


product mentions // 

1Skinceuticals clarifying clay masque -- $52 for 2.4 oz
2Target Up & Up aspirin -- $3.79 for 500 tablets = CHEAP!!
3Skinceuticals B5 hydrating masque -- $54 for 2.5 oz
4 c/oTATCHA violet-c radiance mask -- $68 for 1.7 oz   
5SK-II facial treatment mask -- $17 each or six for $95 or ten for $135
6 c/oTATCHA luminous deep hydration lifting mask -- $95 for four masks
c/oTATCHA dewy skin mask (mentioned but have not tried it yet) -- $12 each or four for $45

wearables // 

earrings | BaubleBar dancer drop earrings


special thanks to @pearlsnapphotography for the knowledge transfer on settings/how to film videos on my camera because that would've taken another four months (shooting photos is so different!). and @wanderlustania (check out her youtube channel) who helped guide me on the music and youtube aesthetics!

makeup products for photoshoots

#KISS. keep it simple sweetheart.

this is my motto when it comes to makeup! LESS IS MORE. my everyday makeup consists of my three item rule: blush, mascara, and highlighter. however, when it comes to photography, you have to put more on. there is just no way out of it. the truth is, when you can actually see makeup on people in professional photos, they are wearing A LOT of it. so as with anything in life... go with moderation. not too much and not too little. genius, i know.

before diving in, this Dagne Dover makeup bag is PERFECT. i have a slight weakness for pebbled leather and the rose gold details! the bag is so luxe and is going to last forever. confession: this is my first real makeup bag, because the gift with purchase bags or (ahem) ziploc bags don't count. right?! what's so cool is it also has three loops that you can "fasten" your lipstick or lipgloss or mascara tubes!! i really love that feature. it is the little things you guys. the pouch also comes in four colors and two sizes -- large and small. pictured is the large. Dagne Dover also makes handbags and clutches etc... these are some of my favorites the petite tote, the elle clutch, the landon carry all, and the essentials clutch wallet.

pouch c/o | Dagne Dover lola large pouch in bone leather


01. eyeliner

it is amazing what a little black line can do to your eyes. while i was a fan of the gel eyeliner, the hassle of having to use an extra brush became too much. (i know it's a #fwp). i FINALLY found a liquid eyeliner pen where i can actually draw a decent line without it looking all jagged from my shaky grandma hands!! this pen is also dual ended for detail. HG status. i also started to lightly use eyeliner on my waterline and find it brings out the eyes a bit more!

eyeliner | Tom Ford eye defining liquid liner pen in deeper (upper lid) // CHANEL stylo yeux long lasting waterproof eyeliner in 921 pomme de pin (waterline)

02. brow

all brows are not created equal. usually you have one that arches more than the other or is more sparse, etc.. the list goes on. but with any type of photography, you will ALWAYS want to draw in the brows. especially if you're doing indoor photography as you have the tendency to become more washed out and brows are one of the first things that usually start washing out on the face. we don't want that #savethebrows. i love this even though i have to use a brush with it, it looks natural, stays all day, and it has a pomade consistency that helps with the tamin'. it's so pigmented that i actually have to waste product because a little goes a REALLY LONG WAY. i've had it for years.. and barely a dent. 

brow | Anastasia dip brow in ebony 

03. mascara

these stubby asian lashes need all the help they can get! true story, but back in the day asian parents use to cut our lashes so they would grow back longer and thicker? i digress. i am a HUGE fan of the drugstore mascara -- it's cheap and you can chunk it frequently without feeling bad (should be thrown away every three months). i try a ton of drugstore mascara... but i always always go back to my HG. i'm all about the natural lashes, so one coat and you are good to go. 

mascara | Maybelline full 'n soft waterpoof mascara in very black // Maybelline the colossal volum express waterproof mascara in glam black // NYX doll eye waterproof mascara in extreme black

04. blush

this is one of the three makeup items i use everyday. i LOVE BLUSH (almost an understatement). it can do so much in terms of waking up the face and trust me, i need it! my favorite blushes are made by hourglass. i actually finished one whole blush in the span of almost three years... isn't it insane? i did a happy dance when i hit complete pan and can finally say i finished one WHOLE BLUSH #makeupgoals. for the spring/summer time i usually go with a pink and for the fall/winter a more muted dusty mauve. 

blushHourglass ambient lighting blush in luminous flush (pink) or mood exposure (mauve) // Tom Ford cheek color in wicked

05. contour

my type of contouring is REALLY SIMPLE. i don't have time to be drawing all these lines on my face and forehead, cupids bow etc... so i just contour my cheeks with my HG contouring powder that seems to be a universal color on everyone. it's so easy to use just a few swipes on the lower part of the apples of your cheeks and blend blend blend. and the key is... don't. go. overboard. 

contour | Kevyn Aucoin the sculpting power in medium

06. highlighter

use. sparingly. the only disco ball is the one on the dance floor! again, i keep it pretty simple. i put one swipe on the upper part of my cheeks below my #designerbags. people also put it on their forehead and jawline etc... but i don't have time for that. 

highlighter | Kevyn Aucoin the celestial powder in candlelight

07. lipstick

as much as i love bright colored lipsticks... i always go back to my usual 'my lips but better' shade. i think i might actually use a whole tube of lipstick for once in my life. EEPPP!! almost 85% of the time you'll see me wearing the same shade #soboring on this blog. liquid lipsticks are really starting to appeal to me as well due to the non-smudging which is really nice when you factor in any kind of eating that needs to be done. 

lips | Glossier the balm dotcom // MAC amplified creme lipstick in brick-o-la // Tom Ford lip color in casablanca // Sephora cream lip stain

08. powder

the only time i use any sort of foundation/powder is when i have an after work photoshoot and need something to pick up all the #daygrease. this one seems to work really well and is lightweight which i like!

powder | Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish skin perfecting micro-powder in 2 medium

09. tools/brushes

HG brushes/tools include:

brows I MAC 208 angled brow brush
power & blush | Hakuhodo S103 powder blush pointed // similar by Wayne Goss
highlighter | Wayne Goss 02 powder brush
contourHakuhodo yachiyo large  // similar by NARS
curler | shu uemura eyelash curler (ain't nothing beating this)

hope you enjoyed this beauty post!,

a post done in collaboration with Dagne Dover. 
pouch provided by Dagne Dover, all opinions are my own. 

jo malone -- the herb garden

fragrance is a personal statement.

i love learning more about brands that i personally use myself. Jo Malone is no exception. her line consists of 27 permanent fragrances and each year she comes out with a limited edition collection. Jo Malone fragrances are an accessory that can be #LAYERED and #TAILORED = sign me up. 

the luncheon i attended was about The Herb Garden collection, which consists of five limited edition fragrances.

but first, let's talk about how to make fragrances last on us longer shall we? the secret is in prepping the skin! 

  1. EXFOLIATE -- JM geranium & walnut scrub, this smells DIVINE and in a creamy-ish formula. the walnut helps to exfoliate as the geranium is a natural lifter of any fragrance. 
  2. WASH -- why not use some more JM hand and body washes?! yep, they carry them too. just another something to indulge in.
  3. MOISTURIZE -- and finally, add some JM body creme for the fragrance to "stick" to. 

the great thing is, all us ladies have these items in some form or another, so give it a try! it might take a little extra effort, but if it makes your perfume last longer = less perfume usage = more money to buy CHANEL bags. just putting it in perspective for ya. 

the inspiration behind The Herb Garden is that it is an experience; an experience of walking into a traditional herb garden. the women are so classy in Europe. this beautiful lady in the photo gardens looking like that. red lips. Hermes scarf, and large oversized sunnies. i mean... this picture makes me and my black thumb want to garden. how's that for advertising?!?! i digress, let's talk about stepping into this experience. disclaimer: i am not a JM rep, so i am unable to tell this story as eloquently as it was told to me! 

image courtesy of

  1. Sorrel & Lemon Thyme -- the first scent of The Herb Garden. it's early morning. the sun is rising and you smell the dew as you step into your garden (looking majorly fab). the scent is refreshing and serves as a wake up call. pair it with: Grapefruit.
  2. Wild Strawberry & Parsley -- as you continue to walk, you are surrounded by all these hidden treasures, then you see a strawberry and go to pick it out of the field of greens it is nestled in. you bite it, it's tart. pair it with: Nectarine Blossom & Honey.
  3. Nasturtium & Clover -- then you're just standing there lost in the beauty and thoughts of your own garden. this is the number one seller of the collection. pair it with: Peony & Blush Suede.  
  4. Carrot Blossom & Fennel -- then you remember why you are there in the first place? it's all about the complete satisfaction of growing something and for nourishment and beauty. pair it with: Mimosa & Cardamom.
  5. Lavender & Coriander -– the final scent of The Herb Garden and sold out everywhere. as you leave the journey through scents and sights, lavender bids you a final farewell. pair it with: Amber & Lavender.

i am not really a fan of parsley or carrot. however, each one smelled divine, i was thoroughly surprised!! but i mean, it's by Jo Malone. so you can't go wrong. they were all REFRESHING in a really good way. my favorite from this collection is Nasturtium & Clover. you can also read more about The Herb Garden collection here. i personally use Wild Bluebell (a light floral scent) and love it. Jo Malone also has a fragrance combining section on their website to help with layering your current one! after playing around with it, it seems like a "warmer" combination with Wild Bluebell is Dark Amber & Ginger Lily (a rich cologne intense that smells spicy yet calm & relaxing) that i happen to have on my wish list!! a "fresher" pairing with Wild Bluebell is White Jasmine & Mint

Jo Malone also carries hand treatments, linen sprays, diffusers, and candles -- all items for those days that you need to #treatyourself. what are some of your favorite Jo Malone items and fragrances? 

rock JM,

tatcha luminous collection review

my philosophy is skin first -- always. in my photos i do not wear any form of foundation because i am LAZY. let's just start with that. instead of taking time to put foundation on my face every morning, i put all my effort into taking care of my skin so i can put this step off for as long as i can. as much as good skin is about genes, healthy eating, and drinking plenty of water it's also about investing in good skincare products that work for YOU. 

there is no secret that TATCHA is one of my favorite LUXURY skincare brands. with that said, it is not for everyone due to the price tag. i am a firm believer in quality over quantity. you know that saying, "you get what you pay for?" well, when it comes to TATCHA, you get that and more. every product is heavily researched and packaged to extreme perfection. not only does my skin love TATCHA, i love the customer service and philosophy that TATCHA stands behind. TATCHA is a partner for the Room to Read program which provides a day of school for one girl for every full-sized product that is purchased. not to mention the founder, Victoria Tsai (who has such beautiful skin, i mean... have you seen it?!), has studied geisha rituals to skincare and traveled all around the world to curate ingredients that make up TATCHA. 


while i am already an avid user of the TATCHA radiant deep brightening serum, i had the pleasure to test a few of the latest additions to the TATCHA luminous collection with regular usage for the past month +. the main ingredient to this collection is red algae which is known for its moisture-retaining properties. this is great because i think the number one thing that skin always lacks is... MOISTURE. 

luminous overnight memory serum concentrate

what it is: "A unique, hydrating gel-like serum concentrate to visibly replenish and diminish the look of fine lines, revealing a youthful glow in one use."

what it does: "This ultra-concentrated formula of hydrating Okinawa Red Algae and 7 other rich botanical extracts including ginseng, squalane, wild thyme, and sweet marjoram visibly improves skin clarity, texture, and tone for overall renewed radiance overnight. Formulated with Tatcha's proprietary, anti-aging HADASEITM-3 Bioactive Complex." 

my thoughts: 

  • lightweight, non-greasy, absorbs easily
  • very faint clean scent that doesn't linger, nothing to deter someone who is a scent-a-phobe
  • consistency is like... jello! when you dip your spoon into it, the product will mold back into looking brand new the next time you use it! 
  • glass jar with a dainty gold spoon applicator so you don't have to dip your hands into the pot
  • spoon is secured into place with the ribbon on the lid
  • brighter complexion in the AM
  • great for sensitive skin
  • current usage: PM after my SK-II routine (what a combo!)

luminous deep hydration firming eye serum

what it is: "This weightless serum of Okinawa Red Algae, Honeysuckle Leaf and Caffeine offers instantly-visible firming, reduced puffiness, and plumping hydration to diminish fine lines."

what it does: "A cooling ceramic applicator and fine dust of 23-karat gold brighten and diminish shadows under the eyes without adding shimmer."

my thoughts:

  • lightweight, non-greasy, absorbs easily
  • unscented
  • plastic tube with unique cooling ceramic applicator = no need to use fingers!!
  • applies so smoothly = dispense small droplets of product outlining the under eye then use the applicator to evenly smooth it into the skin = no tugging of the delicate under eye
  • brighter undereyes (hello 23K gold!), refreshed look, slightly decreased puffiness
  • great for sensitive skin
  • current usage: AM & PM

other TATCHA mention-ables:

have you tried any TATCHA products? what are your thoughts or any recommendations? comment below! 

A post done in collaboration with TATCHA.
Products provided by TATCHA, all opinions are my own. 

DermStore BeautyFIX subscription box

go ahead, be beautiful! (this is what your BeautyFIX box will be sayin' to ya.)

obviously, the clutch and rings are not included. lol.

one of my gfs introduced me to DermStore (so thanking her!). as a skincare enthusiast/fanatic/obsessor i have nothing but love for this online mecca for all things related to beauty. they carry 500+ brands in some of the most finest dermatology, hair-ology? and cosmetics. to name a few that i love: Anastasia, Clarisonic, Dermalogica, Kevyn Aucoin, Koh Gen Do, MDSolarSciences, SK-II, Skinceuticals.


recently, they started a subscription box called BeautyFIX! and come on, who doesn't want a "beauty fix" every month?!? #literally. arriving at your doorstep will be a pretty good size box that ranges from full to deluxe travel sizes curated by skin experts. they are brands that DermStore carries, so it is going to be pretty freakin' good. subscriptions also make great gifts (even for yourself! haha!) that literally keeps giving all year long!! take a look at the eight items in the...

January BeautyFIX box:

  1. Danielle Creations chrome mini mirror -- omg, the cutest little travel size double sided mirror that has 4x magnification! perfect for when you travel with your squad and they be hoggin' the bathroom mirror. retails for $14.99 USD.
  2. Peter Thomas Roth acne-clear invisible dots (12 clear dots) -- adhesive patches to be used as a spot treatment for acne and blemishes. contains salicylic acid, tea tree oil, hyaluronic acid (for hydration). 72 clear dots for $32 USD.
  3. June Jacobs papaya purifying enzyme masque (15 mL/0.5 fl. oz.) -- a cream-based mask that smells divine! like i'm sipping on a coconut on a tropical island (oh, wait i'm sitting at my desk. sigh). it has papaya which has exfoliant properties. gosh this full size baby retails for a whopping $60! (4 fl. oz.)
  4. Arcona magic white ice (10 mL/0.33 oz.) -- this AM/PM gel serum moisturizer is supposed to leave skin feeling fresh and glowy. has a very distinct perfume-y smell. 1.17 oz. retails for $42 USD.
  5. Medicell Labs hydrating calming facial mist (30 mL/1 fl. oz., full size) -- misting your face. yep, it's a thing. i bring mists with me when i travel (this is a perfect travel size) and it's great for when you are in places where the air is dry (aka: airplane). contains botanical ingredients to hydrate and refresh. smells like the spa without going to the spa. retails for $13.95 USD #mistyoself
  6. DS Laboratories revita hair stimulating shampoo (100 mL/3.4 oz.) -- this revolutionary shampoo contains ingredients (even caffeine!) to maintain scalp vitality, prevent hair loss, and promote fuller looking hair. 6 oz. retails for $29.99 USD.
  7. Tarina Tarantino pearl glow luminizing primer in pearl (1 fl. oz, full size) -- this is a lightweight illuminating primer that adds that dewy glow to your skin. it reminds me of Burberry's fresh glow. more liquid-y so shake it up before using it. retails for $32 USD. 
  8. Karuna age-defying hand mask (1 hand mask = 2 hands, hope this makes sense) -- forget those face masks! hands need love too, esp considering how much we use them. this is a creamy oil-infused cloth-based mask for both your hands! it's supposed to reduce signs of aging, retain moisture, and revitalize dry skin. the glove even has a secure strap for a custom fit! leave on for 20 mins and you got some glowing hands. 4 hand masks retail for $32 USD. they also make face masks and you can try the entire line here.

the deets:

  • 6+ products (from full to deluxe travel sizes) per box
  • $100+ worth or products per box!!!
  • $12.50 first box for a limited time only!! (new subscribers only) and auto-renews at $24.95 USD per box each month. sign up HERE or click on any BeautyFIX anywhere on this post
  • cancel anytime
  • basically a great way to be introduced to and try new brands
  • can't commit to a subscription but see a box you like? purchase it for that month for $34.95 USD, free shipping

so what are you waiting for? get your BeautyFIX on!,

A post done in collaboration with DermStore.

PM skincare routine

i couldn't wait to share my PM skincare routine with y'all to complement my recent post on the AM skincare routine! the PM is a little more intense than the AM because it's the time of day where your face will be bare and clean while you get that beauty sleep on! this may seem overwhelming, but i actually look forward to all of this -- i encourage you to start a PM skincare routine that you look forward to! 


01 | cleanse

dermalogica precleanse ($38 USD for 5.1 oz.) -- start your routine by taking all your makeup off with a cleansing oil. most of the time, these are to be used on a dry face before you do anything else. this gives the Clarisonic (next step) a clean canvas to work with which yields better results. i highly recommend this no matter how little makeup you wear. however, it doesn't come in the best packaging, so i fill mine in an empty Caudalie SOS serum container that has a pump. unsure? try the travel size

dermalogica special cleansing gel ($36 USD for 8.4 oz., pictured is the travel size $10.50 USD for 1.7 oz.) -- this was also mentioned in the AM skincare routine since i wash my face twice a day. in the PM i use the cleansing gel with my beloved, HG (holy grail) can-never-live-without Clarisonic mia. as i mentioned in my Clarisonic mia review, this brush works best in the shower and this cleanser lathers very well, isn't drying like foam cleansers, and fragrance free. 

02 | exfoliate

AMORE PACIFIC treatment enzyme peel ($60 USD for 2.5 oz.) -- this is one of the first powder exfoliators i've used and i love it. the only problem is that it's not really convenient to use. by this i mean that the powder is activated with water. therefore, if you leave this bottle in a place where there is moisture (aka: bathroom), it will clump up. this is a very gentle exfoliator and you only need a tiny amount. this bottle has lasted me almost two years and we're still going. i use this about 3x a week, activate it with water and leave it on my face and neck for about 30 seconds. TATCHA also makes a unique range of rice powder exfoliants in: soothing, classic, gentle, and deep. i have tried the classic powder and it also works great, very similar to AMORE PACIFIC without the signature AMORE PACIFIC perfume-y smell.

03 | tone

SK-II facial treatment clear lotion ($70 USD for 5 oz.) and SK-II facial treatment essence ($105 USD for 2.5 oz.) -- this duo goes hand in hand. if you are going to use one do it right and use the other. see my review on my SK-II regimen. this is also HG status in my life. if you are hesitant, i recommend purchasing the SK-II starter kit ($105 USD, valued at $130 USD) which will also give you the opportunity to try the mask as well!

04 | moisturize

Caudalie SOS vinosource thirst quenching serum ($49 USD for 1 oz.) -- i've used this for sooo many years now, and it's so good that i use it twice a day, AM and PM. 

TATCHA deep brightening serum ($185 USD for 1.7 oz / TATCHA also ships free to TX) -- this is the most expensive moisturizer i have ever used in my life. (gulp!) if you read this blog you know how much i love TATCHA products. not only are all the products outstanding, the brand, people, and company's philosophy really give it extra points in my books. i tried this serum in the TATCHA ritual discovery kit ($59 USD for four RE-FILLABLE travel size products, valued at $99 USD) and fell in love. every morning i honestly feel like my skin is more luminous and bright. however, there is one downside (besides price!!), i can't see how much is left in this pretty white bottle. therefore... i have legitimate fears that one day i will push down on the pump and nothing will come out. #thehorror

Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate ($46 USD for 1 oz.) -- a few years ago the thought of putting oil on or anywhere near my face was out of the question. who would do that and WHY?!?! skincare has changed since and putting oil on your face is actually very accepted/encouraged these days. so i jumped on the bandwagon with this, my first oil moisturizer. it is supposed to, "regenerate, repair, and replenish skin for smoother, healthier skin." it also has the same scent as the midnight recovery eye cream, but nothing overpowering. i mainly use this for my neck. can't forget the neck!

05 | prevent

Kiehl's midnight recovery eye cream ($36 USD for 0.5 oz.) -- this was one of the first eye creams i started using religiously the past few years. you should've seen my reaction the day i actually finished ONE whole tube! it will take you forever so for the price, this is really worth it since all you need is the TINIEST amount. tip: apply using the tips of your ring fingers, i've read this is the softest finger and the best to use for applying treatments to the delicate under eye area. this is a thicker eye treatment than my AM Skinceuticals AOX eye gel ($92 USD for 15 ml) and works great as a PM treatment. it is supposed to, "diminish the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and reduce puffiness." again, with all eye treatments, you will not see the results immediately. i think that is part of the reason why people quit. remember, it's a preventative measure and the time to start is now, not when you start noticing the wrinkles or bags! 

Cle De Peau Beaute lip serum ($95 USD for 15 ml) -- i recently splurged on this. after researching, it was the pot-less application that sold me, not to mention that it is by Cle De Peau Beaute. it's supposed to hydrate, shape, and minimize the appearance of lines/wrinkles. i've used this for a few weeks now and wow, when i wake up in the morning my lips aren't even dying for lip balm! again, you only need the tiniest amount so this will last me a long time. #purchasejustified

in summary,

  • use a cleansing oil to give your Clarisonic a clean canvas to work with
  • exfoliate
  • moisturize your neck down to your clavicles!
  • use an eye treatment, apply using tips of the ring fingers
  • be consistent

what are some PM products you can't live without?

the time for a good skincare routine is NOW!,

summer sunscreens

picked out some sunscreen goodness for your beautiful face!

keep in mind, the sun has two different types of harmful rays: UVA and UVB. UVA causes wrinkles, premature aging, and spots. UVB causes burns. soo.. to cover yourself from both rays, you'll want to get a broad spectrum sunscreen regardless if you are covering your face or body! remember, the sun is very damaging to skin so protect it and wear sunscreen everyday!


01 | MDSolarSciences mineral creme broad spectrum SPF 50 UVA-UVB sunscreen -- $30 USD/1.7 oz. this is the one i've used for quite some time now! one tube will last me a little over a year. it is a little tinted but not noticeable when applied. i love the silky, long lasting, matte finish and primer all in one. described as, "mineral-based SPF 50 broad spectrum sunscreen specifically formulated for acne and rosacea-prone skin." formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates. 
02 | Hourglass mineral primer SPF 15 -- $52 USD/1.0 oz. before MDSolarSciences and i met, this was what i used. and although it didn't work for me, it still is a beauty cult favorite as it was one of the first primers with SPF on the market. also comes in a cute little travel size bottle. this is a,  "mineral-based, water-resistant primer that neutralizes the skin, minimizes shine, and creates a smooth, uniform canvas for flawless makeup application." formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates. 
03 | Supergoop! skin soothing mineral sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 40 --  $28 USD/2.4 oz. Supergoop! specializes in sun products and this is one of their newest. described as, "mineral sunscreen for sensitive skin that features soothing olive polyphenols." formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates. 
04 | TATCHA pore perfecting sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 35 -- $68 USD/2.0 oz. the latest from TATCHA. described as non-greasy, lightweight, and a primer. i broke down and purchased the travel size recently and can't wait for it to come in! TATCHA is also tax-free to Texas.
05 | Anthony Logistics facial moisturizer broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 -- $33 USD/3.0 oz. got a man that doesn't moisturize? get him this. the extra bonus is that it has SPF in it. described as a,  "quick-absorbing, non-greasy formula that moisturizes and nourishes skin while protecting against sun damage with broad spectrum." formulated without: Parabens, Phthalates. purchase this tax free off
06 | COOLA mineral face SPF 30 matte finish -- $36 USD/1.7 oz. COOLA also specializes in sunscreen, they even make one for your pets!!! this one is also water resistant for up for 40 minutes. might be good for a beach/pool day. formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates. 
07 | Jack Black double-duty facial moisturizer broad spectrum SPF 20 -- $17.50 USD/1.5 oz, $28 USD/3.3 oz. again, another moisturizer and SPF for the guys. what i like about Jack Black is that is also comes in a travel size tube, not to mention that their lip balms are amazing! formulated without:  Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates. purchase this tax-free off
08 | First Aid Beauty ultra repair pure mineral sunscreen moisturizer broad spectrum SPF 40 -- $30 USD/2.0 oz. a great option for those who want a moisturizer and sunscreen all in one. described as, "complexion protector that combines the hydrating and nourishing power of Ultra Repair with high level UVA and UVB protection." formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates.

rock the sunscreen errrrdayyy,