5 things to start doing for yourself

goodbye 2015. helloooooo 2016!!!

here we are, the last day of 2015 -- can you believe it?!?! wow, what a year it has been! the new year always brings such a great feeling because it's the start of a new beginning, a clean slate, a tide of hope. people begin to make these things called "new years resolutions." i don't really believe in them. you don't need a new year to make change in your life! the time is always NOW, plus i'm a firm believer if you wanted to do something so bad, you'd just... do it. ya know? anyways, we all know i'm not the best writer... but today i decided to switch it up with a post on the 5 things you need to start doing for yourself; today! more after the jump!

currently on my playlist to kick off the new year: Happy -- Pharrell

5 things you need to start doing for yourself


is there something you've been wanting to do? do you feel stuck? not sure what your next move is going to be? just go for it. step into the unknown! do things that scare you! and there is no better time than right NOW. don't wait for anything or anyone because there is no such thing as 'the perfect time.' i'm sure the road ahead won't be easy, but i guarantee it will be worth your while. remember -- good things take time, so give it your best shot.


2. train your mind to think positive thoughts only.

this will change your life. the most underrated trait of all successful people is POSITIVITY. my life has become all about #positivevibesonly, because i don't have time for anything/anyone less. clear your life from whatever it is that's pulling you down/holding you back. positive thoughts = positive life. remember -- whatever you focus on grows, so focus on the positive. it takes a really strong person to see all the positive, so i encourage you to practice it everyday. when things are crappy it teaches you to appreciate what you already have. when things don't work out, it just means that you're meant for something better -- and it's coming right your way. just have a little faith. 

3. choose happiness. 

it's hard to believe, but happiness is a choice. so CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY. as much as you can help it, never let someone, their decisions, or a situation control how you feel. because that gives them/it way too much power over you, and the only person in control of you is YOU. so starting today, i want you to be selfish about ONE thing in your life, and that is your happiness. do the things that make you happy, spend time with people that lift you higher. make A LOT of time for those things and people! your happiness comes FIRST. be extra kind to yourself starting today. you are a work in progress and will get there one step at a time. remember -- strive to be the best (happy) version of YOU. #loveyourself

4. stop worrying.

i use to be so bad at this. i would worry about everything. and you know what? WHAT A BIG FAT WASTE OF TIME! seriously. i've learned to worry less because ain't nobody got time for that! plus the thing is, why worry about things/people/decisions/situations that you cannot control? (insert long pause) remember -- you cannot change the past, you cannot predict the future, so your best bet is to live in this present moment; right here, right now. worry less. live more. 

5. keep your standards high. 

no matter what, it isn't what other people think of you. it's what you think of yourself. it's what you do when other people aren't looking. do the right thing -- always. don't make excuses for yourself or anyone else. accept the best and nothing less. never settle. and remember -- the moment you think you deserve more, you do. 

2016 is your/my/our year. take it by storm!