the long sleeve off the shoulder top

finally posting one off the shoulder (OTS) top the entire summer. whoop whoop!

on a "semi-cool" morning we bust out the long sleeve OTS. yessss, i've been waiting to wear this for quite some time and once these tassel earrings came in, it was game on. these tassel earrings are in one of the most versatile colors and they are lightweight (for tassel earrings)!! #hellofattyearlobes. tassel earrings are all the rage, i'm afraid i'm hopping on this bandwagon a little late (what's new?!) but regardless, they come in many designs/colors and add a fun dangly element to any outfit. 

i was on the fence about this OTS when it arrived due to the long curved hem and the long sleeve detail. in the end i decided that this top is actually versatile for these reasons: 1) don't tie the sleeves for a more flared/bell sleeve look, 2) shorten and tie the sleeves at your elbows -- as seen in the #hairflip pic ...which by the way hair flippin' is hard work. by that i mean ab work because i spent the entire time laughing at myself... hysterically (and that is why there is only one photo LOL), and 3) wear it tucked in with a skirt. i also linked plenty of options for some long sleeve OTS tops that are wallet friendly -- the only way to go on trendy pieces!

currently on my playlist: no scrubs by TLC (yep, totally throwin' it back again!)