the pleated hem shirtdress


it's been more than a year that i've worn pants to work. it's like i've gone on a pant strike?! i basically live in dresses and skirts, they are just too easy. there is no secret about my love for all things pleated. so when this dress came out with a pleated hem and in a navy print, i said #yesplease #addtocart. of course now that i have photographed it, it is sold out. #storyofmylife. for the most part, i try to buy clothes that i can wear to work because that is where i spend a huge chunk of my time. while this is a half shirtdress (the buttons only go halfway down) i was mainly drawn to the pleated hem, it just adds a lil something to it!

lastly, the accessories -- the bow pumps i have in two colors, these are considered one of their bestsellers! these dangly gold earrings go with just about everything, and lastly the "J" necklace was a bit much for me at first, i felt it was a little too large and loud (opposite of me) but i've come to love it. every time i wear it i get a ton of compliments!

side happenings: for valentine's day i took myself out to eat dessert pizza @canerossoaustin, i've waited so long for this place to make its way to Austin. their dessert pizza is a mascarpone cheese + nutella or cookie butter + optional ginger snap crumbs. #sinful. it is on the list of one of the best things i've ever eaten. i promise i woudn't steer you wrong. 

hope you have fun things planned this weekend -- thanks again for stopping by!

currently on my playlist: mercy by Shawn Mendes