an austin blogger easter picnic

coming soon, TV series -- Bloggers of Austin, TX :D


nothing like a beautiful day spent with some Austin blogger babes. so happy i get to call these gals my friends. don't be fooled though, holy cow it was one WINDY photoshoot -- rose was spilled, eyeglasses were found?, keys were lost (no worries we found them in the end, thank goodness it was a gold key!!), bugs galore but ENDLESS laughter and smiles. the funny thing about these shoots is no outfits are ever planned, we all knew we would do a spring/picnic/Easter photoshoot and BAM #nailedit. dresses, white denim, rompers, floral print, stripes, chambray, off the shoulder, cold shoulder... it is all covered right here. 

when the idea came up for this photoshoot i debated a few different dresses (shocker) but decided on this gingham ruffle hem midi dress. i have #ginghamproblems right now and should probably slow down on gingham purchases but it is such a spring/summery print, it looks good on everyone and comes in a lot of different colors and checkered sizes. the ruffle hem and bow sash sold me on this one. it runs a little large, i'm wearing a size 0 regular, which… i can't even remember the last time i fit something that tiny. #notcomplaining

probably my favorite photo from this entire stack! i am a sucker for artsy/candid ones like these! isn't this just too cute, look at @simplyyvan in the background too! 


Hilary //

i've gotten to hang out with Hilary quite a bit this year and she is always a blast to be around!! so easy to talk to, super friendly, and considerate of others! this girl was going to back out of the shoot and i had to tell her "NO! you can't you're the glue that holds us all together!" it's so true. i know many of the girls would agree. she's brought so many people together, her thinking is, "the more the merrier." she showed up in this beautiful cobalt dress with matching cobalt earrings. cobalt can never do any wrong, with any occasion i feel like! 

Meg //

Meg is pregnant!! we discussed her hashtag, #preggersmeggers she's got the cutest baby bump going on right now and she has inspired me to try some Lilly Pulitzer clothing. this one is something i would definitely try because of the subtle color, not too crazy of a print, and of course the little ruffle hem. Meg gave me a little shout out on facebook yesterday and it made my heart smile. she's a gem. 

Jess //

special thanks to Jess, this was her idea. and she brought most of the props, scouted the location, coordinated the photographer and that is all not easy! especially when you are working with a large group of girls. (thanks Jess!) it all came together so well thanks to Jess and everyone else's ideas! Jess wore this green striped dress and the color looks so good on her. love the side button detail!

Yvan //

i call her my lil blogger sis, she's in college y'all!! i've gotten to know Yvan over the past year almost? maybe less but she reminds me of myself when i was younger. however, i wasn't doing all the successful things she is doing with her life! #waytogogirl she makes me feel super young and we always bond over BUBBLE TEA! also, if you're a concert-goer, Yvan will always have you covered! she writes an incredible and UNIQUE concert series and takes the most epic concert photos -- with her PHONE!

Kaily //

Kaily worked this umbrella y'all! and holy moly she is such a vision! it really goes with her striped + cold shoulder outfit and overall aura. yes, i just used the word aura. at the end of the shoot i finally got to meet her precious baby girl (prettiest eyes) whom i always see in her instastories!

Kimberly //

Kimberly is such a photogenic gal and has the prettiest smile! i don't think she even has a "bad side!" she wore this blush romper with a floral print and some white sandals (note to self, i need some white heeled sandals!). she is the most petite thing so probably knows the best places to buy petite clothing, hence the name of her blog!

Haylee //

Haylee kind of recently chopped her long locks and i am pretty sure i tell her each time how much she rocks it! for a split second, she makes me want to do the same. if you read this blog you know that I bought my first pair of white jeans last year! i love how Haylee picked an off the shoulder chambray top to pair with her white jeans anddddd.. the bandana is icing on cake. i need to try this look!

Kaley //

Kaley is always effortlessly beautiful, she rocks everything she wears. she has an epic maxi dress collection… it's a mystery why she did not show up in one!!! this striped off the shoulder dress is absolutely right up my alley, the sash, ruffle, and the length! i also love how Kaley took the picnic basket out for a spin. ;D