nordstrom anniversary sale

the sale of all sales.

if you haven't already heard, the Nordstrom anniversary sale has arrived! one of the largest sales of the year mainly due to the concept -- buy stuff for the upcoming season ON SALE now. after the sale is over, everything goes back to regular price. pretty easy! so instead of buying things on sale after the season is over and wearing it next year, you get to buy it now.

with that said, there is A LOT of hype with this sale. so here are some of my tips...

  • DO NOT. i repeat DO NOT buy it because everyone else is. number one mistake. 
  • leads to... do you really need it? if not, don't get it.
  • is it practical? example: why yes, i would love a suede moto jacket. but in Texas? not practical. plus i would spill something on it on day one.
  • need it immediately? you can choose the 'pick up in store' option if you don't feel like dealing with crowds and fitting room lines. they even have curbside service!!
  • when in doubt go for more basic items that you can see yourself wearing at work and on casual days. double the wear. 
  • no sure on size? get two. return one.

who Nordstrom
what | major discounts off fall items and always FREE shipping & returns
when | 07/13/17 - 07/20/17 (early access for Nordstrom cardholders); 07/21/17 - 08/06/17 (for everyone else)
where | or in-store

after previewing a ton of merchandise and trying things on here are some of the things i would buy if i had a money tree. all after the jump.


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beauty //

shoes & accessories //

happy #nsale shopping!,