life updates

without outfit photos! bringing back the xanga days. (i hope you know what that is). 

life is GOOD. so much has happened and i haven't had time to post anything, but i'm still here! feels strange to write a blog post without any photos, but as i always say, the blog is a documentation of life (and fab outfits). you know what to do. xx

currently on my playlist: memorized by Mat Kearney (on repeat)

photo by JD, editing by @theautumngirl_


first and foremost, my sister had her first baby!! IT IS NUTS! we call him baby Ky. he's the most adorable thing and i can't wait to spoil him and see him grow. i am amazed by this tiny human being, his micro hands & feet, the way he looks at you; don't get me started! i can already feel our lives starting to change; not seeing my sister & brother in-law on our usual family nights, random dessert or yoga pant runs (by "runs" i mean a drive to lululemon/Athleta. not actually running lol) with my sister. it's bittersweet and a good reminder that life changes instantly so it's pretty important to appreciate the here and the now

#SXSW was a blast! although i didn't do as much as last year, it was fun being out there in the frenzy of things. see ya next year #SXSW, let's just not be on a weekend that hits 90F okayyyy?!

i've taken my hand at PEOPLE photography. YASSS! y'all know how much i love photography. especially product photography. BUT i've always wanted to photograph people. i'm so glad a few GFs decided to give me a shot (probably after me bugging them FOREVER and a day lol). i had the best time being behind the camera snapping away, working with the space, and being creative. above is my favorite shot of @theautumngirl_ with Baby C and below is my little blogger sis @simplyyvan. yep, totally going to do this more. call me simple but it makes me happy capturing moments of happy faces!

editing by @simplyyvan

house update: i FINALLY finished furnishing my OWN master bedroom!! WHAAA. it feels strange to actually have furniture in there. sometimes i find myself doing a double take LOL. i'm actually deep into furnishing the entire house, one room at a time right now. so many ideas. i can't wait to see it all come together. this interior design thing is definitely addicting and FUN! oh, forgot the main word: EXPENSIVE. :D

my canadian blogger BFF @theelaedition is COMING TO VISIT ME THIS WEEKEND!! it is insane the amount of friendships i've made through blogging. Ela is one of them. we chat almost everyday on various life topics. i can't believe i'm going to meet her in real life and host her here in Austin! seriously, life is unreal right now! 

Austin Fashion Week #AFW is NEXT WEEK! gearing up for the upcoming festivities and excited to see @shopmilesdavis on the runway again this year!! 

out with a HIGH FIVE,