for the guys -- the pocket square

as much as women have the ability to accessorize, so do men. men have the ability to up their accessory game in terms of watches, wallets, ties, collar bars, cuff links, and tie bars. however, and unfortunately, most men don't take advantage of this. and if you're a guy reading this blog, you should. (do y'all exist?!)

let's chat about the pocket square for a moment. a common item that most men overlook. it is very similar to a women's statement necklace in the sense that it is the one item that tops off an entire look in the most effortless way. the one item that you put on that automatically ups your game. a well dressed man will always have a pocket square. always. and by that i do NOT mean one that matches your tie (you know, the one that came in a set). please please... don't break the number one rule of wearing a pocket square by doing that. instead, take some time to find something different, go for different textures and prints. i would say, either bring out a subtle color you are wearing, let it stand out on it's own without being too "loud", or pick something that is a conversation starter. for example, my dad was a pilot so i would get him one with airplanes. 

alright, let's talk about folds. i am no expert. but there seems to be many ways to fold the pocket square. kinda similar to a women's scarf now that i think about it! but i digress. when it comes to the fold... keep it simple. my favorite fold is the flat square fold (who can't fold that!!!). then i'd say the one point, and the two point fold. anything more than that, you're trying too hard. 

lastly, placement. this is so important. the pocket square should NEVER be "oozing" out of your pocket saying "hey world! look at me, the pocket square!" and spilling over... that defeats it's purpose. as much material as the pocket square is made of, all it needs is a little peek out of your pocket. to be clear like mud, for measurement purposes, i'd say no more than 1.0 centimeter for a flat square fold and 2.0 centimeters for a one/two point fold. remember, the pocket square is making a statement in the most subtle way possible. 

now, if you read all that and still unsure... walk away with this one tip: when wearing a dark suit, white shirt, and dark solid tie/bow tie (maybe even textured), go for a white pocket square (maybe even a white pocket square with pin dots). you can't go wrong. i wouldn't steer you wrong. 

GOOD EXAMPLES (i'm better with examples):

01 | Mr. Ford is always a great example. here he rocks a simple black suit, white shirt, dark textured tie, and a white pocket square outlined in black. perfection. 

02 | how can i forget David Beckham. (swoon). remember, when in doubt, go with a white pocket square like Mr. Beckham right hurr. the perfect height to a flat fold. oh, and doesn't he rock this navy suit?!


03 | love this, if you take a closer look at the tie, there is some paisley print at the top in a light color. on the one point pocket square fold it is the exact opposite with dark paisley print. but yet all the gray is tied in. perfect play on prints and color.

04 | hey girl, you like my pocket square? ok fine, i just wanted to put a picture of Ryan Gosling in here. he rocks the simple flat square fold, my favorite.


05 | breaking the number one rule of rocking the pocket square. just don't do it guys.

06 | trying too hard with this fancy fold. the seams are also showing but i guess it is impossible to not have some showing with this fold, which goes to say, you should skip it entirely. 

07 | this pocket square is oozing out and spilling over. however, i love the eggplant and dark gray color combo. 

here are some sites that i happen to stumble across while writing this post. 

01 | The Tie Bar -- $8-10 price range. probably the largest pocket square collection i have seen. available in a variety of textures: silk, cotton, linen, and wool!
02 | Hugh & Crye -- $20 each. awesome pocket squares for casual wear. not for the faint of heart. 
03 | ASOS -- $11-27 price range. great variety and pricing for those who want to try the pocket square look out. 
04 | J.Crew -- $24-55 price range. classic preppy style. 
05 | HUGO BOSS -- $40-125 price range. some huge bucks here. you just can't go wrong with some HUGO. 

rock the pocket square,