for the guys -- athletic gear

so here it is, my second post #fortheguys

long ago, i did a post for the guys on the pocket square. this is actually one of the top posts on this site. i. have. no. idea why. but i've had requests from guy friends to do another post. so here we go, talking about #athleticgeargame. this is a real thing. trust me. if you're a guy, i hope you read this, if you're a woman trying to help your man with his game, this post is for you. i've reached out to two of my MOST FIT guys (who can literally pass for being body guards) to bring you the best of the best. details after the jump!


01 | Nike flyknit racer in black and white -- apparently, these shoes were all the rage upon the first release, after seeing them i went and bought myself a pair (ever try to order in men's sizes? the conversion is whack!). these are really comfortable, extremely lightweight to-and-from shoes. not to mention they look pretty dang sleek. they are made for running but i prefer my Mizunos for that. they have been restocked in this color and i am fairly certain they will be sold out soon! 
02 | adidas adipower weightlifting shoes -- these are great shoes for squatting in terms of support and stability. the heel lift angles you in a way that will help you achieve lower squat depth. and we're all about that #squatlife.
03 | INZER forever lever belt -- forget the belt they offer you at the gym. not to mention gross! the best thing about this sturdy belt is the lever mechanism which is easily tightened and loosened. 
04 | Bower and Wilkins C5 S2 in-ear headphones -- great in ear headphones for the gym for moving around and achieving good quality audio at the same time. anything is a step-up from the standard Apple earphones. 
05 | Versa Gripps PRO -- these are a lot pricier than your typical lifting straps. but they are really convenient to use because it eliminates the need to wrap straps around any kind of bar. it allows to you to have a better "grip strength" so that you are able to lift more weight. 
06 | Nike tech fleece pants -- a good pair of slim fitting sweatpants are a must for the winter, not only for the gym, but also for lounging/errand running! #doubleduty. these have a drawstring waistband, cuffed bottoms, and a long zipper pocket on one side to secure your belongings (with another pocket inside!). in addition, the knees are reinforced if you decide to squat in them. or whatever else it is you do. they also come in a ton of color options. 
07 | SynTrax nectar whey protein isolate -- this powder mixes easily with water and tastes pretty good for a protein powder. it also has zero carbs, zero fat, and 23 grams of protein per scoop. 
08 | lululemon metal vent tech short sleeve 2.0 -- this is lululemon's best selling item. it's super soft, sweat wicking, and has anti-stink technology to it, seamless construction to prevent chafing, did i mention how soft it is?! downside, snags pretty easily. guys are usually apprehensive to wearing lululemon. but ALL guys who are are this way haven't tried their clothes. i've convinced these two guys to try out their clothes, and they are hooked. it's about performance wear. if there is a first item to buy from lululemon or introduce your man to, this is it. also comes in a long sleeve
09 | Scivation XTEND intra-workout catalyst -- i actually use this myself for the intense workouts that take more time to recover from. it mixes easily with water and comes in a variety of flavors (i have watermelon). it also contains ingredients to give you energy and keep you going through your workout, and helps with the post-recovery.