real vs. steal -- the chloe drew bag

REAL: Chloe drew bag (mini) -- $1,650.00 USD
STEAL: Forever 21 faux leather lock cross body -- $22.90 USD


SAVINGS: $1627.10 USD

the Chloe drew bag is REALLY hot right now. every blogger and their mom has one! while i always agree on quality over quantity, there are just some items that you don't really want to spend gobs of money on for various reasons. 1) can't afford it; 2) might not be in style long; 3) don't believe it is reasonably priced; 4) rather spend that much money on a different designer item... are to name a few. this is where real vs. steal comes into play. however, it is important to keep your expectations realistic on the "steal" items because you are paying for what you get. it's usually not going to made of the highest quality material and it probably won't last you as long as the real deal. 

what i like about this bag is the shape, pebbled leather, chain strap, large hooks at the top, and the metal lock. it all goes so well together. the metal lock on the real bag is much more intricate, but you can't really expect much from a $23 bag. in my opinion, i think this is a great hands-free bag for going out when you don't want to carry anything expensive and have to worry about it getting dirty, or drinks spilled on etc... 

grab one because it is going FAST!