create & cultivate x laurel & wolf SXSW pop-up


this past weekend was spent with some INSPIRING individuals! so glad that Create & Cultivate (online platform or female entrepreneurs that aim to inspire and enlighten) partnered with Laurel & Wolf (online interior design company with such a cool concept) and came to Austin, TX (my city!!) for a SXSW pop-up at PRIZE.

Saturday's festivities was free to the public and consisted of four sessions below. i've listed my takeaways in bullet point format for a quick and easy read. hope you enjoy! 

1. the medium is the message: why PR & partnerships are crucial to your business strategy

Gabby Etrog Cohen @SoulCycle // Bianca Caampued @SmallGirlsPR // Silvie Snow-Thomas @ElleCommunications // Courtney Roberts @TheGivingKeys // Samara Finn @MarinaMaherCommunications // Julie Hays Geer @Laurel&Wolf

  • understand the WHY? -- why are you doing this? 
  • what is your story? -- be able to tell it in an organic way.
  • it's all about the PERSONAL VOICE. 
  • obsess over your core values.
  • DO YOU. 
  • would they care? would they share?
  • ask what you can GIVE vs. what you can GET.
  • be nice. be FEARLESS. and never underestimate the power of a smile.
  • life is all about follow-up.
  • all press is not good press.

2. bridging the gap: creating meaningful content while growing a community

Caitlin Coble @Airbnb // Farryn Weiner @Sweetgreen // Caroline McCarthy @TrueX // Michelle Sadlier @HunterBoots // Ariana Schioldager @Create&Cultivate

  • gaps are opportunities.
  • focus on your brand content; be relentless about it.
  • find relationships to build.
  • evolve but stay true to your core values.
  • creepy backfires! (haha, this was awesome).
  • the best thing about being creative is that there is no right or wrong.

3. how to launch your business, create community & stay relevant in the modern marketplace

Jen Rubio @Away // Sarah Kunst @Proday // Leura Fine @Laurel&Wolf // Jaclyn Johnson @Create&Cultivate

  • there is no such thing as the right time. 
  • FAVORS; do lots of them because there is something called... karma!
  • no one cares as much as you do. 
  • as you evolve, be comfortable letting go and taking off all the hats you use to wear. 
  • the goal is to have a big goal... but then almost forget it!
  • when making big decisions ask yourself -- what's the worse that can happen? usually not much!

4. staying true to your brand: creating a voice that stands out

Kevin Lu @Frametasy // Jeanine Donofrio @Love&Lemons // Matt Crump @MattCrump // Ashley Rose @Sugar&Cloth // Maja Kermath @Kor180 // Lily Berg @DigitalBrandArchitects

  • if someone doesn't like you, like them. if someone doesn't talk to you, talk to them.
  • be interested vs. interesting. 
  • stay consistent.
  • feature other brands -- it's not all about you.
  • always stay true to yourself; no matter what. 
  • find what other people aren't doing. 

the Create & Cultivate blog is also a GREAT resource for some amazing posts. below are two released from the SXSW pop-up:

#CampLaurelAndWolf continued with floral crown making with the very talented @MargotBlair who was so sweet and patient. i am loving all her work!! she also has a monthly flowers & cocktails course which i am dying to take. i am a sucker for anything that involves fresh blooms. 

i attended this event with Nicole, an Austin blogger who reached out to me a few months ago (so glad she did!) check out her newly launched site: @NicoleSometimes -- i love her addiction to COLOR! here, we met Monica who drove up from San Antonio and just started blogging too, check out her site: @StyledByMonicaPuga. i don't want to spoil it but they were dressed so fab and will be posting their SXSW outfits soon. i might have already bought the shoes Nicole was wearing... and i've asked Monica where she got her bag... so... perhaps this blogging friends thing is going to get expensive!

saving the best for last, but Maja @kor180 read us THE #manifesto that sits on a wall in her pilates + cycling studio (y'all know how much i LOVE pilates!) that resonates with me so much i had to share it. i encourage you to read it out loud since it has so much power to it!

today i choose to show up fully.
to care for myself as i do for others.
to speak my truth so you know the real me.
i'm not broken, i don't need fixing. i am enough.
bravery is in high demand i choose to be fearless.
i choose to work as hard as i can today which is different than yesterday & different than tomorrow.
i commit to this interval one breath at a time.
i stay focused on the small things because how i do small things is how i do all things. 
i choose me. i choose here. i choose right now. 
i've got this.

ah, i couldn't think of a better ending,