warby parker -- concentric collection

be a spectacle in some spectacles!!! (yes, i said it. #deskslapper)

i'm sure many of you have heard of Warby Parker. they make eyeglasses and sunglasses (also in prescription) at an AFFORDABLE price not to mention, they have a wide variety of extremely stylish frames for the budget friendly guy/gal! no matter what your style is, there is something for EVERYONE at WP. fashionable eye wear at a fraction of the price? yes, please! here are a few things i personally like about the brand and philosophy at Warby Parker: 

  • for every pair of eyeglasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. their main partner: VisionSpring
  • frames start at $95 USD
  • home-try on program (5 pairs, 5 days, free trial) -- pick 5 frames, they will ship them for you for free, you have 5 days to decide which pair(s) then return them (return shipping is also free!) to purchase your pair online with your prescription. this is great for people like me who want second opinions! also, be sure to use the #WarbyHomeTryOn to get comments/social media feedback!
  • one year guarantee no-scratched lenses
  • polycarbonate lenses (impact resistant)
  • durable material & screws
  • 100% UV protection
  • anti-scratch & anti-reflective coating included
  • free shipping & returns

honestly, it doesn't get better than that. 

today, the spring 2016 concentric collection launches that is inspired by... the CIRCUS! this eyeglass collection consists of bright happy-colored frames in all sizes and shapes! i love the fact that they are different from your typical black/brown frames. the Haskell is definitely a stand out from the collection, this is a clear frame (becoming very popular) with a colored inner ring (available in three colors), they look great on both men and women as you can tell from the images below. my personal favorite is the Laurel, a peacock green frame; i can see this going with all outfit colors! the Preston is a red colored frame, and... any sassy lady/#girlboss needs some red colored glasses, goes so well with the #LBD

a few product images from the concentric collection below, more details, and videos on tips/guidelines to finding the right frames for your face after the jump!

Mitchell (in earl grey)


Laurel (in peacock green, and my favorite from the collection!)

Haskell (in crystal with manzanita inner ring)

Finch (in bellini)

Preston (in maraschino, just love these red ones, very classy!)

Dorset (in coastal blue fade)

Haskell (in crystal with blue jay inner ring)

Kensett (in atlantic blue)

Kensett (in atlantic blue) and Finch (in bellini)

two great videos on how to find the perfect frames:

also, be sure to check out the thea sunglasses collection! these classy stunners are hand-wrapped in a subtle 24K gold trim! love them!

be a #showstopper in some Warby Parkers,

A post done in collaboration with Warby Parker.