vday roundup

valentine's/GALentine's countdown!

in case you are running out of inspo, i rounded up some of my favorite posts from these fab ladies, whom i admire and support. hope you enjoy!


Taylor | www.stopdropandvogue.com

Taylor knows fashion. she follows a lot of designers and writes about it. her whimsical vday shoot is my favorite, featuring balloons, flowers, a huge mirror i wish i had, a lipstick printed flowy dress complete with red cutout booties! she knocked it right out of the park.  

Julianna | www.blushandcamo.com

Julianna always dishes the BEST styling tips! her vday look features a tulle skirt which is one of my favorite things to shoot. such a fun, feminine, flirty piece, and love how she pairs it with a blue lace crop top. absolutely stunning!

Laura | www.styledadventures.com

fashion is all about versatility, so i love how Laura styled this ($30) dress two ways: dressy and casual with a few simple changes. what a flawless transition. in her next valentine's look she is covered in kisses! (literally!!) 


Kristen | www.suburbanreno.com

i love how Kristen takes the pegged NYE sequin dress into vday (wait til you see the back of it!!) and how she paired it with some chunky heels too! forget red or pink when you are covered in GOLD sequins. she also did another vday post with some sequin pants (use her code "XOSUBURBAN" for 10% off these goodies!). i call her the #sequinqueen. do not try to outdo her.

Jessica | www.fashionablyfitjess.com

Jess is one of my favorite down to earth gals who has the best sense of humor. her posts always have me rolling or slapping my desk. her valentines look is right up my alley, a pleated skirt, blouse, and some mid heel ankle straps. i am in love with her pink handbag with the cutest bow on it!! check out her cute casual vday look.

Jenna | www.visionsofvogue.com

the off shoulder look never gets old, Jenna is rocking this #LBD like nobody's business, and you need to check out her red lace up pumps. Jenna is extremely talented in piecing all her looks together, so be warned when you go to her website and start clicking on things!! i want to raid her closet.

Ela | www.wunderbliss.com

Ela goes for a non-traditional vday look -- a flirty white tulle skirt, burgundy velvet heels (totally unexpected and... swoon) and understated accessories. like me, she knows less is more. and i could never do this but she is totally pulling off those retro white shades too. love Ela, she is one of the best!

Lauren | www.fashionoverfatigue.com

Lauren is also a Texas blogger!! (high five) here she rocks the off should crop top with a floral printed midi skirt that will take you right into spring. blogger minds think alike because i have the same exact top, let's hope i can look just as good as she does! 

Mei | www.blameitonmei.com 

like me, Mei is a skirt fanatic. here she takes the pantone color of the year, rose quartz/pink, pairs it with a matching clutch and tops it off with gold accessories, including those red soled heels! total #shoeenvy

Amanda | www.amandabrezovsky.com

Amanda's vday post is all about a cozy night in with dinner, wine, and sweet treats! now this is up my alley. check out that wine bottle taper holder! her rose printed skirt is perfect for this occasion and needs to make its way to my closet!!

Bailey | www.hotdresshotmess.com

Bailey shows us how to achieve her makeup look in a few simple steps using drugstore makeup. if i could only apply liquid liner like her and by golly, her #browgame is so strong! 

Kait | www.makeminemaroon.com

Kait takes a black lace dress and adds her favorite color maroon to her vday outfit with some pumps and some vampy lips! she's always got the cutest shots and such a smile! also see her other vday post in a Shabby Apple maxi dress

Rita | www.styleroundtheclock.com

Rita posted like two instagrams before she revealed her entire look! she is such a natural beauty, i like how she went with a casual look and topped it off with a chunky scarf but still looks so chic.

Ciera | www.worldwidestylista.com

Ciera really worked the vday posts, she gives us ideas of things to do for three types of dates: 1) night in, 2) casual, and 3) romantic. then she created a look for EACH of these. #workitgirl. check out all three looks here. note to self: need a NAMASTAY in bed sweatshirt. 

Lauren | www.stylelixir.com

Lauren shares her vday picks for the gals and guys. basically if you have a man you need to get him that mug #7!!! so hilarious! still can't get over it. LOL. 


no vday is complete without DESSERT. wait, this is everyday in my life actually! fit.fab.full always has drool-worthy desserts, honestly, i don't know how she stays so fit sharing these recipes! in her post, she shares a whip cream cheese frosting and chocolate ganache that will go over any cake! (even if it is from a box). 

Michele | www.classicandgray.com

there is no doubt, Michele knows her stuff, and... i think she likes pink. i'm not sure but that is my guess. i hope her boyfriend read her post. lol.

Krista | www.hundredblog.com

Krista posted a MAJOR GUIDE to vday. she covers the day in general, and gives tips on clothes, hair, and makeup. this is her look from last year in this white Phillip Lim dress. this babe has got your back this vday for sure. plus, her writing cracks me up.


Anna | www.pepperandlife.com

another his & her gift guide, but Anna's featured a lot of things i haven't seen before, such as that VitaMan, Beard Envy, and loving that manly looking Polaroid Snap (ladies, this is a double gift because YOU CAN USE THIS TOO! win win!! haha!!).

Shell | www.acourageousbeauty.com

Shell put together a unique post where she pieced together outfits for HIM & HER! too cool. and such a great idea, esp if you like to help your man dress up a bit!