jdc turns two

follow what you love and it will take you where you want to go.

it's been so crazy lately that i forgot to celebrate my TWO year BLOGIVERSARY (totally a thang)! honestly, i can't believe i've kept this up for this long. that in itself is a huge victory. let's not talk about all the projects i've started and didn't finish.... ahem, that skirt i've meaning to sew for four years now...

the truth is, jannadoan.com (jdc) started at a low point in my life. i was unhappy and in a rut (mid-life crisis anyone?). this place became my little slice of the blogosphere where i could unleash my hobby/creativity and passion. it also filled what once felt like a void in my life. of course this meant overcoming the fact that i needed to come out of my shell. truly, i'm an introvert and being in front of the camera or going to social events is not at the top of my list of things to do! but i've come to have fun with it and learned so many things about myself along the way. talk about pushin' boundaries. i'm freakin' proud of myself. 

for this milestone i wanted to share some of my favorite posts from the past year and a few reflections/ramblings. thank you so much for following along this journey!

year two in nine squares (all CLICKABLE):


01. join a blogging community

this has been the biggest game changer for me. when i joined @stylecollective_ last november, i had no idea what to expect, i mean i certainly didn't think i'd become such great friends with the founder, Annie / @thelovelygirl and FLY OUT TO VISIT HER for an #epicweekend! (more on this trip coming soon) for one who doesn't have very many friends, @stylecollective_ has allowed me to connect with gals who always lift me up when i feel down, who cheer me on when i feel like quitting, who inpsire and empower me. for that, i am so grateful. i've found my tribe. xoxo

02. if it's not a hell yes, it's a (hell) no

this year i started doing collaborations with brands! wah hoo! what a milestone! as collaborations come in, my thought on this has become, if it's not a hell yes, it is a (hell) no. always stay true to your brand and what fits for you and your blog. trust your intuition. some of my favorite collaborations this year were with @tatcha / @danielwellington / @azazie. also, never underestimate the power of JUST ASKING. the least they can say is no. 

03. smile, even if you don't want to

even though i am smiling in all my photos, it does not mean my life is perfect. photos are taken at a fraction of a second and can never depict #reallife. i've learned that there are things, people, set backs, or just plain life events that will bring you down. but sometimes you just gotta pull yourself together, push forward, and fake it til you make it. na mean? one of the best pieces of advice i could give in this area is, act the way you want to feel. 

04. always stay true to yourself

life is too short to be someone else, BE YOU. your unique self. ain't nobody in the world like you, so BE YOU! in your writing, thoughts, interactions, comments to others, be personal, be passionate about what you do or put out. let it have MEANING and purpose. what does all this stem from? PASSION. and what's so great about passion is that you are already ten steps ahead of the game than anyone else going into it. great things always begin with passion. always be kind. be humble. and lastly, never let material things consume you because they can never replace the "things" that really matter in life. 

05. try not to compare yourself to others

i know we all do this. it's just human nature. but... comparison is a thief of ALL JOY. try not to get caught up in the numbers or stats etc... in fact, celebrate others, rejoice in their success and let them be an inspiration to you! comparing yourself to others can take you down a dark path that is opposite of 04. which brings me to the quote at the beginning of my post, "follow what you love and it will take you where you want to go." just like life, blogging is about the journey and never the destination.