jdc turns three

better late than never. 

i had the hardest time writing this post which is probably why it has been in draft mode since early October. it's crazy to believe that jannadoan dot com (JDC) is now THREE (two months later). year three has taken me to "places" i never imagined. i have no clue what year four will look like but with zero expectations, i am sure i'll be pleasantly surprised. in year three i signed & negotiated some of my first contracts, worked with some HUGE brands, and received more features on websites and social platforms than i ever dreamt. other highlights of year three include the austin blogger holiday themed shoots: christmas // galentine's day // easter picnic. New York Fashion Week parts 1 // 2 // 3, AND Austin Fashion Week, and of course i can't forget all the numerous PR events sprinkled throughout each month! 

i'm really grateful for these opportunities and sometimes it's just good to sit back and reflect. i needed this. with the house and everything else going on with my life, i took a long break from a lack of inspiration/motivation, struggled to write this post, and even for a split second i thought about quitting altogether. then of course, i was slapped in the face (figuratively) with, "you have come too far to quit." yes, i have actually. the truth is, JDC is quite an expense. from the entire outfit, to the photography, right down to the mechanics of having a website. not including TIME. that's a huge expense as well. when the thought of quitting wandered into my mind i thought about what i would be doing if i wasn't blogging... hmm. watching TV? well, i would be sleeping more that's for sure. but when i weigh the friendships i've made (from all over) and the experiences i've gained, those are more than enough for me to say it is so worth it. without JDC, i would be the most boring person, no social life, i wouldn't be out there pushing my boundaries and challenging myself, and i wouldn't have the drive or motivation it takes to run a business. this is my happy place. this is meant to be. 

anyways, long story short, i'm sharing a few random things i learned in year three. more after the jump. and while reviewing my year two post, a lot of it remains the same! but in summary, always stay true to yourself, your personal voice and never lose sight of what is important to you. all that goes a really long way. 


01. JDC is a business.

this was the year i stopped calling my blog a hobby. it is not a hobby, it's a side business. this was a huge change of mindset for me. while i am not diminishing that all great things start out as hobbies fueled by passion, i'm simply stating that i've started to care less of what people would think of me ('oh brother, another photo of herself?!' YES, i really do get tired of posting photos of myself believe it or not!!) and more about how i'm going to grow this business while staying true to myself/my brand. 

02. quality >> quantity

growing up, my dad would always say to me, "if you're going to do it, do it right or don't do it at all." (he was a tough man and for good reason). i instill this in my everyday life, work, and here. it's not about striving for perfection (though you can if you want) or pleasing others it's more about creating something that is a direct reflection of you -- your value & standards. if something isn't quite right, redo it. if something is off, fix it. go that extra mile, put in that extra time and always make it right. 

03. instagram = staged life.

while i am a huge advocate for instagram, it is pretty much always staged so you should never be fooled by the squares. just because i'm smiling in all my photos does not mean that my life is perfect. often times, i do my hair or even nails sometimes just for photos and have no where to go afterwards! let's not mention the 7AM summertime shoots when i look like a crazy person all dressed in a holiday outfit in the August heat... just know that any great photo comes with styling and details that are well thought out. 

04. i have no idea what i'm doing.

this is what i tell a lot of people who want to pick my brain... blogging is a journey. it's different for everyone. there isn't one formula that says do x,y,z = and boom FAMOUS. it doesn't work that way, DUH! the truth is, even after three years, i'm still trying to figure out my way. and yet, i have so much to learn!! everyone's goals and intentions are always different. for me, i will never want to blog full-time. shocking, i know. but for me this will always be my side hustle. it's not that i'm limiting my dreams, but i'm realistic in what i want and very in tune with my happiness. 

05. never underestimate the power of a question.

this is HUGE. often times the biggest thing holding us back is our self. mainly our fear. fear of what someone else will think, fear or rejection, fear of the truth, fear of not being good enough, etc... a lot of times we're hesitant to ask because we're afraid of the answer. but in hindsight, that's all such bullsh*t. punch fear in the face. just sayin'. you won't believe how far the power of a question has gotten me and all the doors it has opened. you never know until you ASK. period. oh, and believe in yourself, because if you don't no one else will. 

dress | ZARA bell sleeve shift dress in yellow (old) -- similar but more fitted and on sale for $48 // similar // similar and avail in three colors
shoes | ZARA vinyl d'orsay heels in white (old) -- similar with studs
bag | ZARA mini crossbody bag in white (old) -- similar 
earrings | Kendra Scott joelle earrings in turquoise (old) -- similar in a KS classic style // similar but smaller & lighter
sunglasses Celine tilda sunglasses in dark tortoise -- similar and love these!
necklaceetsy monogram necklace in dearest daddy initials (1.25" and 20" chain) -- similar by BaubleBar // similar in acrylic
braceletBaubleBar gold mary links bracelet -- similar but pave
watchMichael Kors darci watch in gold

cheers to year four adventures, 

photo credit: Brandon Hill