JDC turns one & 5 things i've learned about blogging

wow. today, JDC (jannadoan.COM) turns ONE! how crazy is that?! what a year it has been of blogging. THANK YOU so much for reading and following along. i truly appreciate every comment, every like, and all feedback. although i've learned so much, i STILL have a ton to learn, and i find that extremely exciting!! so much to look forward to, i can't wait! i wanted to quickly share some of the things i've learned along the way: 


01 | just start

for a long time, i talked about how i wanted to blog. what stopped me was actually very silly. "well, everyone and their mom has a blog, plus who's gonna want to read my blog?" truth is, it wasn't until i actually did it (with a little push) that i didn't care about those nuances or little voices inside my head. one step in the right direction is the best step you will ever take.  

02 | quality over quantity

i stand by this in every aspect of my life. quality over quantity, always. nothing is ever half-a**ed here. every post, every picture, everything you see has been thought about in great detail and for many hours. you should hear about the talk i had about picking the FONT. if it is not on par with my taste, i will scratch it, redo it or think of how i am going to make it better. this is hard when time is limited as i work full-time. but everything i put on here is a direct reflection of my values and beliefs.  

03 | blogging is hard work

when i first started JDC, i didn't think that blogging was going to take up such HUGE CHUNK of my time. i figured... shoot some pictures, upload, write a little text, publish, then voila... done! NOPE.. my gosh.. i was so so wrong about that. i work on this site everyday. i'm constantly thinking of the next thing. i give major props to those who blog. it is hard work. no doubt. i can't remember the last time i went to bed at 9pm! 

04 | always keep in mind why you started

blogging has it's ups and downs. there are some days when i want to give up and think that this isn't for me. or days when i come home from a failed photo session with a huge weight of defeat on my shoulders. it's tough not to be hard on myself, because i am. always trying to push myself. but then, i have to constantly remind myself why i started this blog, and that is because of my passion for fashion (#norhymeintended). as an outlet to fuel my creativeness and share it with you! in the end, it's all about having fun. 

05 | be inspired and be an inspiration

the fashion blogging world is HUGE! i am amazed by all the talent out there and truly inspired by all of it. it motivates me to become better... it makes me ask myself, "wow, how do i get there?" everyone has their own style and everyone brings something different to the table. that is what makes this so unique! i love it. my goal here is to inspire you. in whatever way that may be -- to try a new trend in fashion, to step out of your comfort zone, to take care of your skin, or to be confident and strut your stuff like no other etc!!