top 6 skincare masks

HELLOOOOOOOO youtube world!

y'all, this is SUCH A FEAT!!! over sunday brunch, my foodie friend @wanderlustanita and i were discussing the youtube world, and what i wanted my first video to be like... she told me, "better done than perfect!" at this point... SO TRUE. i tried my best on this one and for some self taught editing... not bad janna doan (yes, i talk to myself in third person occasionally). i have many things to work on ("UHMMM." yes, i know, i say it a lot, it's very annoying, i'm trying to quit that!) and ideas already brewing in my mind that i can't wait to execute down the line. i am really excited to introduce this new facet of; think of it as me coming to life from still images?! maybe you should be scared. haha, either way i hope that you will follow me on this (rocky) journey. 

this is long overdue and i am proud of this video because it was NOT EASY. diving into the unknown, teaching myself videography, and Adobe premiere editing/formatting (thank goodness for google and youtube tutorials), still images, music, formats etc...! can you believe this is only the beginning?! i’m just scratching the surface. i will say, it is pretty awkward sitting in a room by yourself talking to a camera. just sayin'. i hope to one day look back and see how far i’ve come. it’s all about starting somewhere and making progress, am i right?!

skincare masks are my BFF. they should be yours too! i’m an avid person when it comes to masks. i do them on the REGULAR, the same day each week, guaranteed. also it’s a great way for you to treat/pamper yourself after a long day or even if you have a girls night in! if you find yourself always forgetting to do them, put it on your calendar, set reminders, MAKE TIME until it becomes a habit! remember, good skin doesn’t happen overnight. it takes years of consistency and finding a routine that works for you. so start now with some masks! in all my photos and now video, i do NOT wear ANY FOUNDATION (ain’t nobody got time for that). not bragging (because trust me my skin is nowhere near perfect), but merely stating that this is a huge testament in what consistency, taking care and investing in your skin will do for YOU (and maybe a good ring light too, lol). 

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signing off and celebrating this thing i call and look forward to most in life #thelittlevictory.


product mentions // 

1Skinceuticals clarifying clay masque -- $52 for 2.4 oz
2Target Up & Up aspirin -- $3.79 for 500 tablets = CHEAP!!
3Skinceuticals B5 hydrating masque -- $54 for 2.5 oz
4 c/oTATCHA violet-c radiance mask -- $68 for 1.7 oz   
5SK-II facial treatment mask -- $17 each or six for $95 or ten for $135
6 c/oTATCHA luminous deep hydration lifting mask -- $95 for four masks
c/oTATCHA dewy skin mask (mentioned but have not tried it yet) -- $12 each or four for $45

wearables // 

earrings | BaubleBar dancer drop earrings


special thanks to @pearlsnapphotography for the knowledge transfer on settings/how to film videos on my camera because that would've taken another four months (shooting photos is so different!). and @wanderlustania (check out her youtube channel) who helped guide me on the music and youtube aesthetics!

facial masks in rotation

good skin takes time and dedication. (well... everything does).


01 | Skinceuticals clarifying clay masque

there is irony in applying dirt to pull dirt out of your skin! this is one of my favorite masks because you can actually feel it working on skin... which will feel like a baby's butt (this is highly coveted!) afterwards. guaranteed. the ingredients in this earthy-smelling mask helps calm skin, lift impurities, exfoliate dead skin cells, and remove excess oils. 

  • directions: apply a thin layer for 10-15 minutes. like mud, it will begin to harden and crack on your face. rinse with warm water. 
  • usage: 1x every two weeks. i also use this as a spot treatment for my nose in between. 
  • cost: $51 USD for 60ml. (one jar will last me almost 6+ months.)

02 | Aspirin mask

if there is only one mask to pick from, this is it. i learned about this mask ages ago from the very famous make-up/skincare guru @MichellePhan. here is her original Youtube clip. this is the CHEAPEST and most effective mask in terms of preventing breakouts. aspirin contains salicylic acid which is always the main ingredient in treating acne. it also helps clean your pores, exfoliate your skin, and reduce redness. all you need is uncoated aspirin, basically aspirin that is not sugar coated like Advil. (the bottle in the picture above can be purchased at Target. i realize it says "coated" but it is good to go).

  • directions: use 3-4 tablets, dissolve with a few drops of water, add a drop of honey for adhesive-ness, mix together and spread on face for 15 minutes. rinse with warm water. as you are rinsing this off, take the opportunity to exfoliate with the grainy-ness of the aspirin. 
  • usage: 1x a week. (this mask is amazing, but do not overuse it!)
  • notes: i also use this as a spot treatment (day and night) when i notice a pimple trying to make an appearance... it's my way of saying 'GOTCHA!' #sorrynotsorry
  • cost: $4.99 USD for 500 tablets = 125 masks. that is $0.04 per mask.... can't get cheaper than that. 

03 | Caudalie moisturizing mask 

Caudalie has a great range of skincare items. i think i've already mentioned my holy grail Caudalie vinosource S.O.S thirst quenching serum. they recently launched a range of masks. since my skin is combo and a little on the dry side, i picked up the hydrating mask. it is cream-based but not too thick. as all their products, the scent is light and pleasant. "A mask that restores moisture levels to relieve tightness, reduce redness and increase softness for a hydrated, dewy glow."

04 | SK-II facial treatment mask

i've talked about my SK-II regimen here. the SK-II facial treatment mask is the most expensive mask i treat myself to. it is cloth-based that is drenched in the magical SK-II ingredient; pitera. this mask is so popular that make up artists use this on brides as part of their routine, and it is often used as a post-airplane pick me up. 

  • directions: place cloth mask on face, lay down for 20 minutes. take mask off (feel free to put it back in the package and re-use it again the next day). DO NOT rinse off. 
  • usage: once on a blue moon! (due to price tag).
  • notes: use every DROPLET left in this package on your beautiful face! in the summer, i will refrigerate this packet before using it.
  • cost: $17 USD for one mask, $95 for six masks, $135 for ten masks. purchase it tax-free from

rock the face mask,