valentine's day ready & loving yourself

what’s too many #LBDs? asking for a friend.

hellooo february, the month of love! last year i wrote a post on dating tips to celebrate valentine’s/galentine’s day and it was shockingly a huge success. this year i wanted to do something different (of course). and instead i’m bringing the focus back on #1, which is YOU. no amount of dating tips will get you anywhere if you aren’t in love with yourself. sure, some people get lucky in life to meet their soulmate at a fairly decent age, some take a long timeee #ahem. so you’ll be dang sure the man who ends up with me will be beyond exceptional. because i won’t accept anything less. it’s about to get real deep here on JDC. recently i went through a shift in life that took me to another level of self love and greater appreciation for my own journey! ah, gotta love those life experiences/lessons. more after the jump.

PS — this dress is everything. i snagged it for almost $50 #hellobargainshopper and didn’t even care when i’d wear it again, heck i was gonna wear it for this fabulous photo shoot so what gives?! i LOVE the longer sleeves, the mock neck, the classy crochet (never thought i’d use those two words in one sentence) overlay, the length, and the peplum hem. it screams JANNA all over it anddd the look of this dress like one from Self Portrait at a fourth of the price. the only thing is… don’t get this snagged on something or you’re pretty much screwed. :D but hey, if this isn’t your jam, i’ve linked a ton of other options under $100.

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the last few months i spent a lot of time soul searching. gosh, i learned so much but still such a novice. i started to make some subtle changes in my life that had some HUGE impacts — only in a few months too!! and hey, they’re not gonna be anything new you haven’t heard of all over the internet. but people always talk about self love, anddd um, the next question is great, what does that entail? through some guidance i’ve found what works for me and the results are insane. the amount of people, connections, experiences, and opportunities that have come into my life are CRAZY. i invite you to join me and step into this higher meaning of life. sharing my tidbits in my random thoughts below.

  • JOURNAL. journal every morning and night. while i’ve heard of this i never actually practiced it. the mind is most clear in the morning, so take time to jot down the things you’re grateful for. start with three. at night before you sleep, reflect on your day — how did a certain person, thing or instance make you feel? heck, it’s your journal write whatever you want. just write though. writing reaffirms the learning process. you’ll become so good at this that you’ll start jotting WAY more than three things in the AM. i even started to write down the things i wanted in my life that i haven’t quite obtained yet. this is a form of “acting as if” and it’s a powerful thing. do this for 30-days straight, until you can start doing it subconsciously in your mind. so i’m that gal who’s getting ready in the AM / driving to work talking to myself about all the things i’m grateful for in my life. call me crazy but it’s a game changer or is it life changer? haha. when you live in a constant state of gratitude, it puts you on a totally different level of existence.

  • BREATHE. breathing is everything. breathing or any form of meditation helps calm the mind. imagine all the information your brain takes in and processes everyday, YIKES! hate to have that job!! breathing helps clear that clutter, it helps you become more in tune with your intuition so that you can ultimately make the best decisions that align with your true self. close your eyes right now and take three deep breaths, i bet you can already feel some calmness flow through. try it!

  • AFFIRM. find an affirmation. read it, write it (remember, writing it down reaffirms the learning process), repeat it out loud. heck, get so good at it that you memorize it or write your own affirmation. do it for 30-days straight. affirmations are so powerful because they say it takes 30-days to ingrain something in your mind. essentially, what you’re doing is reprogramming your subconscious mind. there is a whole boatload of information on the subconscious mind but in summary, it controls 95% of your brain, it stores memories, habits, past experiences and retrieves them. its job is to make sure you respond exactly the way you are programmed through past experiences. so CLEARLY it is the the KEY to personal growth. reprogram it with affirmations. start affirming TODAY!

  • ENERGY. energy is everything and everything is energy (even on a scientific level)! yes, life is full of problems and we always want what we can’t have etc…. but let’s just redirect our focus from our problems and what we don’t have to what we’re grateful for as this is the running theme for this post. try to see the bigger picture. you’ll find yourself vibrating at an energy of love, joy, happiness, and peace. these are some of the highest forms of vibrational energy. AND only in this state will you be open enough to attract, accept, and see all the things/people/connections/opportunities coming into your life. LIKE A MAGNET. because… you attract what you are. period.

  • TRUST. doing all the above creates a direct relationship with your intuition, that gut feeling. generally speaking, i consider myself an intuitive person by nature. BUT i recently learned i was never completely following it 100%. see, listening to your intuition is good, but the real thing is actually FOLLOWING it through. which most of us fail at because or ego makes us question our intuition. trust your intuition when it FIRST speaks to you. it’s a powerful thing that’s why it only speaks once.

in all instances, all answers and self love come from within. focus on yourself, choose yourself at the end of the day. always always. let go. forgive, learn the lessons. remember, that your value and self worth stands no matter what happens or who walks in and out of your life. sending you all the love & strength on this beautiful journey of stepping into your authentic self xx

dress | Bardot fiona mesh trumpet dress in black (wearing size small) — same from Macy’s // same from Zappos // same from Nordstrom // same from Nordstrom Rack // same from Bloomingdales // same from Lord & Taylor
shoes | Jimmy Choo abel pumps in black patent (old design) — current design // similar
bag | DVF lytton clutch in black quilted leather (old) — similar and a good Bottega dupe
rings | Gorjana amara ring set // Amanda Deer c/o CZ solitaire ring // Amanda Deer c/o CZ accents midi ring
bracelet | Vita Fede mini titan crystal bracelet in gold
lips | Christian Louboutin velvet matte lip color in rouge 001M (FAVE RED) -- similar in a matte liquid

photo credit: Steven Gunter

the floral cut out dress

another IT summer dress!

it's been a full day of yard work and i'm exhausted but it feels so good to wind down with a glass of wine to put this one together #inmyelement. we're about dresses here on JDC. last year one of my favorite summer purchases was this striped cut out dress. so of course when the floral design came out this year, this one somehow made its way to my closet. still unsure how but i ain't mad about it. :D jokes aside, it's on the pricey side. but i'm one of those people.. if i like it that much, i'm gonna buy it. and in multiple colors or prints. this dress, no exception. it has pockets, and most cutouts require you to wear some sort of sticky bra or petals, this one does not! whoo hoo! 

side ramblings: I MET MAT KEARNEY! i had a night last week that blew my mind away. my lil blogger sis, @simplyyvan (AKA: concert queen) bought me a VIP ticket for my december bday to meet Mat K! she's the sweetest, ain't she? anyways, got to roll VIP with her and with standing room only at Stubb's, we took advantage of getting there early and were upfront and CENTER! normally i'm not a crowd person so i always hang in the back. BUT WOW, what an experience!!! now i'm all about being upfront with the crowd despite being packed in like sardines. but i danced the night away in my tiny lil space and left with the best feeling. it's a night i'll never forget. i actually don't have many photos or video to show because i spent all of it just soaking it in! as much as i love capturing moments, sometimes it's just better be to be fully present and enjoy the momentMat K is my favorite artist for so many reasons. he can sing, he can write, awesome music & beats, but his music got me through some rough times. his lyrics have so much meaning/depth and extremely relatable no matter what you're going through in life. i mean how cool is that to touch the lives of people in that way?! too bad i can't sing and i can't play an instrument to save my life. (hence the fashion blog). 

i also attended Austin Fashion Week #AFW this past weekend! i always love being in the midst of fashion especially with others who are wayyyyy more fashionable than myself. photos and a recap to come next week. thanks for stopping by, y'all have a good one now. xx

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5'2" short y'all.

because most of the time i don't know what to do. LOL. 

this was steven's idea... :D

dress | Bardot ibiza cut out midi dress in floral (currently 25% off!) -- same style in checkered print // similar from Express // similar from Express but shorter // similar but striped and with sleeves by Madewell // similar from F21 // similar in lemon print from ASOS 
jacket | Old Navy denim jacket
shoes | Target Merona marcella low block heel ankle strap sandals in tan (old) -- similar // similar but suede
bagUrban Outfitters circle straw crossbody bag (fits iphone8+) -- similar with handles but smaller // similar // love this basket tote
sunglasses | Celine marta sunglasses in havana -- newer design // similar by Le Specs
earrings c/o | BaubleBar mini granita tassel earrings in ivory -- original longer version
necklaceAnthropologie monogram pendant necklace 
ringsKendra Scott theodore open ring in white pearl via Color Bar -- similar // Gorjana amara ring set // Amanda Deer c/o CZ solitaire ring // Amanda Deer c/o CZ accents midi ring
watch | Michael Kors darci watch in gold
bracelet | Nordstrom BP love knot cuff (old) -- similar by Stella & Dot

rock all the cutouts,

photo credit: Steven Gunter

@matkearney x CRAZYTALK tour @stubbsaustin // 04.05.18

meet & greet with Mat K // THAT CLOSE
selfie with Mat K // featured on his INSTA

LIFE IS SO GOOD because i'm cheesin' SO HARD!

the striped cut out summer dress

just cut. it. out.

i posted a quick photo of this on instagram a few weeks ago, the engagement was outrageous so i had to document it. this is my second cut out dress to date. it's really hard to find a good cut out dress that is not showing too much skin. the first one was a LBD + bomber jacket style (hello epic twirl). with cut outs sometimes it is hard to find a good fit because they can usually be too large or in an undesired place. when this came out, i immediately jumped on it. it sold out the next few days! goodness. i've worn it twice and every time, i get a dozen compliments on it. the cut out is in a perfect spot, it actually keeps you really cool #TEMPwise too!, linen-ish material, it has pockets, it is striped, and... my favorite part is actually the knotted detail. #knotkidding. the only downside is that it can snag pretty easy so you gotta be a little careful with it. and YES, i've already snagged it. LOL. 

new to JDC: HATS. i think i have decided to become a hat person!! what do you think?!?! the truth is i've always wanted to be a hat person and for 32 years of my life i never really wore hats because i did not think they looked right on me. but my good blogger friend over in Florida, Jen // @mrsjenfrick (featured on this post!), convinced me i need to give the hat another try before completely saying goodbye to it. soooo glad i did (thanks Jen!). back in the days of trying to be a hat person i bought this straw fedora, i dusted it off #literally and brought it to this shoot. even Brandon (amazing photographer) said it went perfectly -- from a guy y'all! next hat purchase shall be a camel colored felt/wool fedora.

lastly, a shout out to Jen //, whom i talk to on almost a regular basis, not only about blogging but life in general. she is always the most encouraging individual who always makes my day! she cheers me on and is very supportive. i haven't met Jen in person, but i certainly will one day! she also recently became a CHIC mommy too! you can probably tell why we are good friends... we styled this outfit exactly the same. we have the same exact sandals (which mine have seen better days) prior to the dress, except she has the cutest #signature dimples, and she is my inspo for the hat (i love her boater hat!) Jen, you're the best, thanks for being in my life!

hope y'all had a fun Easter weekend. i'm gearing up for a really busy week ahead with coffee in hand! as always, thanks for stopping by xoxo. 

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meet my beautiful blogger friend Jen // @mrsjenfrick


her dimples!! more style inspo on

dress | Bardot ibizia stripe bow cotton front dress -- same sold at REVOLVE // sold at Lord & Taylor // similar but in gigham and only $23 // similar but solid and avail in three colors!
shoesSam Edelman gigi sandal in saddle leather -- similar from Target
hat | H&M wide brim straw hat (old) -- simila from ASOS // similar from GAP
bag | Celine micro luggage tote in navy -- similar 
sunglasses | Le Specs savanna 51mm sunglasses in tortoise -- similar 
earrings | Kendra Scott sky earrings in white pearl (old) -- larger version // similar
necklace c/o | Gorjana mini chloe necklace in gold
watchMichael Kors darci watch in gold (on sale!) -- avail in rose gold
bracelet | Nordstrom BP love knot cuff (old) -- similar by Kate Spade // similar off Etsy
ringsGorjana c/o shimmer stacking ring set // Gorjana amara ring set // Gorjana mini stackable ring set // Etsy stacking & midi rings // Gorjana candice CZ ring // BaubleBar ice chevron midi ring (sold out) -- similar // BaubleBar tri bar ring (old) -- similar 
lipsMAC amplified creme lipstick in brick-o-la

rock the CUT OUTS!,

photo credit: Brandon Hill

the textured bardot dress

everyone in the blogosphere is posting valentine's day looks (aka: just another date night look because let's face it, valentine's day is just another day where people spend tons of money on flowers, chocolates, gifts, fixed priced dinners. but hey, it's good for the economy.)... so here is mine! except instead of pink/red, i'm taking it back to the basics with BLACK. (my favorite color... if it was a real color). i'm definitely stepping out of my comfort zone into this flirty bardot checkered dress. the term "bardot" is nothing more than an off-shoulder dress/top that will surely turn heads. it is elegant, timeless, and perfect for an exclusive event. what i loved most about this dress (not only the fact that it was a steal at $35 USD!) is the checkered textured-ness. (oh, and it has pockets. so you really need to get yourself one if i haven't already sold it to you). add some glam gold accessories, loose wavy curls, the feline flick, blush, and strappy heels then you have yourself what i deem a valentine's day look.  

and finally, a little snippet about this gold metalframe clutch. i've wanted one for a while because it is such a versatile item to have. instead of paying gobs of $$$ for a Kotur i found myself a steal with this Kate Landry clutch from Dillards. i love discovering new brands. Kate Landry has an awesome line of clutches/miniaudieres (fancy term for an evening bag). her line is only available at Dillards, so please check it out! might i add, the owl and peacock miniaudieres are adorable!


dress | ASOS bardot textured prom dress in black
shoes | LuLu's elsi single strap heels in black suede
bag | Kate Landry pyramid metal hardframe clutch (sold out) -- similar
earrings | Kendra Scott alex earrings in black
bracelet | Etsy pave link bracelet (the shop that i bought it from is under construction but do a general search, many shops carry them) -- similar on BaubleBar
rings |  etsy stacking/midi rings, BaubleBar crystal mason ring in gold 
lips | MAC lipstick in brick-o-la
hair | attempted by JD (semi-diaster)

rock the bardot,