PM skincare routine

i couldn't wait to share my PM skincare routine with y'all to complement my recent post on the AM skincare routine! the PM is a little more intense than the AM because it's the time of day where your face will be bare and clean while you get that beauty sleep on! this may seem overwhelming, but i actually look forward to all of this -- i encourage you to start a PM skincare routine that you look forward to! 


01 | cleanse

dermalogica precleanse ($38 USD for 5.1 oz.) -- start your routine by taking all your makeup off with a cleansing oil. most of the time, these are to be used on a dry face before you do anything else. this gives the Clarisonic (next step) a clean canvas to work with which yields better results. i highly recommend this no matter how little makeup you wear. however, it doesn't come in the best packaging, so i fill mine in an empty Caudalie SOS serum container that has a pump. unsure? try the travel size

dermalogica special cleansing gel ($36 USD for 8.4 oz., pictured is the travel size $10.50 USD for 1.7 oz.) -- this was also mentioned in the AM skincare routine since i wash my face twice a day. in the PM i use the cleansing gel with my beloved, HG (holy grail) can-never-live-without Clarisonic mia. as i mentioned in my Clarisonic mia review, this brush works best in the shower and this cleanser lathers very well, isn't drying like foam cleansers, and fragrance free. 

02 | exfoliate

AMORE PACIFIC treatment enzyme peel ($60 USD for 2.5 oz.) -- this is one of the first powder exfoliators i've used and i love it. the only problem is that it's not really convenient to use. by this i mean that the powder is activated with water. therefore, if you leave this bottle in a place where there is moisture (aka: bathroom), it will clump up. this is a very gentle exfoliator and you only need a tiny amount. this bottle has lasted me almost two years and we're still going. i use this about 3x a week, activate it with water and leave it on my face and neck for about 30 seconds. TATCHA also makes a unique range of rice powder exfoliants in: soothing, classic, gentle, and deep. i have tried the classic powder and it also works great, very similar to AMORE PACIFIC without the signature AMORE PACIFIC perfume-y smell.

03 | tone

SK-II facial treatment clear lotion ($70 USD for 5 oz.) and SK-II facial treatment essence ($105 USD for 2.5 oz.) -- this duo goes hand in hand. if you are going to use one do it right and use the other. see my review on my SK-II regimen. this is also HG status in my life. if you are hesitant, i recommend purchasing the SK-II starter kit ($105 USD, valued at $130 USD) which will also give you the opportunity to try the mask as well!

04 | moisturize

Caudalie SOS vinosource thirst quenching serum ($49 USD for 1 oz.) -- i've used this for sooo many years now, and it's so good that i use it twice a day, AM and PM. 

TATCHA deep brightening serum ($185 USD for 1.7 oz / TATCHA also ships free to TX) -- this is the most expensive moisturizer i have ever used in my life. (gulp!) if you read this blog you know how much i love TATCHA products. not only are all the products outstanding, the brand, people, and company's philosophy really give it extra points in my books. i tried this serum in the TATCHA ritual discovery kit ($59 USD for four RE-FILLABLE travel size products, valued at $99 USD) and fell in love. every morning i honestly feel like my skin is more luminous and bright. however, there is one downside (besides price!!), i can't see how much is left in this pretty white bottle. therefore... i have legitimate fears that one day i will push down on the pump and nothing will come out. #thehorror

Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate ($46 USD for 1 oz.) -- a few years ago the thought of putting oil on or anywhere near my face was out of the question. who would do that and WHY?!?! skincare has changed since and putting oil on your face is actually very accepted/encouraged these days. so i jumped on the bandwagon with this, my first oil moisturizer. it is supposed to, "regenerate, repair, and replenish skin for smoother, healthier skin." it also has the same scent as the midnight recovery eye cream, but nothing overpowering. i mainly use this for my neck. can't forget the neck!

05 | prevent

Kiehl's midnight recovery eye cream ($36 USD for 0.5 oz.) -- this was one of the first eye creams i started using religiously the past few years. you should've seen my reaction the day i actually finished ONE whole tube! it will take you forever so for the price, this is really worth it since all you need is the TINIEST amount. tip: apply using the tips of your ring fingers, i've read this is the softest finger and the best to use for applying treatments to the delicate under eye area. this is a thicker eye treatment than my AM Skinceuticals AOX eye gel ($92 USD for 15 ml) and works great as a PM treatment. it is supposed to, "diminish the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and reduce puffiness." again, with all eye treatments, you will not see the results immediately. i think that is part of the reason why people quit. remember, it's a preventative measure and the time to start is now, not when you start noticing the wrinkles or bags! 

Cle De Peau Beaute lip serum ($95 USD for 15 ml) -- i recently splurged on this. after researching, it was the pot-less application that sold me, not to mention that it is by Cle De Peau Beaute. it's supposed to hydrate, shape, and minimize the appearance of lines/wrinkles. i've used this for a few weeks now and wow, when i wake up in the morning my lips aren't even dying for lip balm! again, you only need the tiniest amount so this will last me a long time. #purchasejustified

in summary,

  • use a cleansing oil to give your Clarisonic a clean canvas to work with
  • exfoliate
  • moisturize your neck down to your clavicles!
  • use an eye treatment, apply using tips of the ring fingers
  • be consistent

what are some PM products you can't live without?

the time for a good skincare routine is NOW!,

3 makeup items for an everyday look

getting my face ready is not my priority every morning. in fact, it is sleep... and more sleep! when it comes to an everyday look (and pretty much all things in life) less is always more. always. take the minimal approach in getting ready for school or work because you my dear, are beautiful and do not need all that makeup! so let's narrow it down to three items or less, shall we? 

Hourglass ambient lighting blush in luminous flush. 

Tom Ford cheek color in wicked.


01. blush (your best friend)

the number one thing to reach for is BLUSH. blush can do so much for you in terms of waking up your face! especially when you are tired, blush will be your BFF. trust me on this one, the instant flush/pop of color on the cheekbones make a world of difference. in my opinion, blush makes you look happy, friendly, and more approachable! (and who doesn't want that?!). my two beloved blushes are 1) Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in luminous flush (a champagne rose); and 2) Tom Ford Cheek Color in wicked (slightly brighter and a frosty finish). i have owned both blushes for well over a year, and there is hardly a dent in either. that tells you how pigmented they are--a little goes a long way. both are great blushes in terms of texture and color pay-off. for a more budget friendly option, i recommend MAC Powder Blush in blushbaby. i apply my blush  using HAKUHODO's S103 and S110. these brushes are quite the investment and honestly, they are worth every penny. 

02. mascara

the second item is mascara. i typically don't use mascara everyday, simply because i am really lazy and only curl them with my trusty shu uemura curler (best eyelash curler on the planet). but my all time favorite, holy-grail, can-never-live-without mascara is the Maybelline Full n Soft (waterproof). there is NOTHING like it. it is the most natural looking mascara that holds curl like no other. i always tend to go with drugstore brands because mascara is something that you should replace often. i do try new mascaras from time to time, but i always come crawling back to this one. it's that good. 

03. lip balm

the final item is lip balm. my choice is the Kiehl's Lip Balm #1. this is a color-less lip balm that is moisturizing and leaves a slight gleam on my lips. another color-less balm is the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25. i love having this as an option because it has SPF25 and SPF is very important on the lips. i have been so blessed with semi-pigmented lips so these color-less lip balms work for me. however, another great option i sometimes use is the Dior Lip Glow/Reviver, this has a slight tinge of color available in pink and coral. 

don't waste the pretty,