makeup products for photoshoots

#KISS. keep it simple sweetheart.

this is my motto when it comes to makeup! LESS IS MORE. my everyday makeup consists of my three item rule: blush, mascara, and highlighter. however, when it comes to photography, you have to put more on. there is just no way out of it. the truth is, when you can actually see makeup on people in professional photos, they are wearing A LOT of it. so as with anything in life... go with moderation. not too much and not too little. genius, i know.

before diving in, this Dagne Dover makeup bag is PERFECT. i have a slight weakness for pebbled leather and the rose gold details! the bag is so luxe and is going to last forever. confession: this is my first real makeup bag, because the gift with purchase bags or (ahem) ziploc bags don't count. right?! what's so cool is it also has three loops that you can "fasten" your lipstick or lipgloss or mascara tubes!! i really love that feature. it is the little things you guys. the pouch also comes in four colors and two sizes -- large and small. pictured is the large. Dagne Dover also makes handbags and clutches etc... these are some of my favorites the petite tote, the elle clutch, the landon carry all, and the essentials clutch wallet.

pouch c/o | Dagne Dover lola large pouch in bone leather


01. eyeliner

it is amazing what a little black line can do to your eyes. while i was a fan of the gel eyeliner, the hassle of having to use an extra brush became too much. (i know it's a #fwp). i FINALLY found a liquid eyeliner pen where i can actually draw a decent line without it looking all jagged from my shaky grandma hands!! this pen is also dual ended for detail. HG status. i also started to lightly use eyeliner on my waterline and find it brings out the eyes a bit more!

eyeliner | Tom Ford eye defining liquid liner pen in deeper (upper lid) // CHANEL stylo yeux long lasting waterproof eyeliner in 921 pomme de pin (waterline)

02. brow

all brows are not created equal. usually you have one that arches more than the other or is more sparse, etc.. the list goes on. but with any type of photography, you will ALWAYS want to draw in the brows. especially if you're doing indoor photography as you have the tendency to become more washed out and brows are one of the first things that usually start washing out on the face. we don't want that #savethebrows. i love this even though i have to use a brush with it, it looks natural, stays all day, and it has a pomade consistency that helps with the tamin'. it's so pigmented that i actually have to waste product because a little goes a REALLY LONG WAY. i've had it for years.. and barely a dent. 

brow | Anastasia dip brow in ebony 

03. mascara

these stubby asian lashes need all the help they can get! true story, but back in the day asian parents use to cut our lashes so they would grow back longer and thicker? i digress. i am a HUGE fan of the drugstore mascara -- it's cheap and you can chunk it frequently without feeling bad (should be thrown away every three months). i try a ton of drugstore mascara... but i always always go back to my HG. i'm all about the natural lashes, so one coat and you are good to go. 

mascara | Maybelline full 'n soft waterpoof mascara in very black // Maybelline the colossal volum express waterproof mascara in glam black // NYX doll eye waterproof mascara in extreme black

04. blush

this is one of the three makeup items i use everyday. i LOVE BLUSH (almost an understatement). it can do so much in terms of waking up the face and trust me, i need it! my favorite blushes are made by hourglass. i actually finished one whole blush in the span of almost three years... isn't it insane? i did a happy dance when i hit complete pan and can finally say i finished one WHOLE BLUSH #makeupgoals. for the spring/summer time i usually go with a pink and for the fall/winter a more muted dusty mauve. 

blushHourglass ambient lighting blush in luminous flush (pink) or mood exposure (mauve) // Tom Ford cheek color in wicked

05. contour

my type of contouring is REALLY SIMPLE. i don't have time to be drawing all these lines on my face and forehead, cupids bow etc... so i just contour my cheeks with my HG contouring powder that seems to be a universal color on everyone. it's so easy to use just a few swipes on the lower part of the apples of your cheeks and blend blend blend. and the key is... don't. go. overboard. 

contour | Kevyn Aucoin the sculpting power in medium

06. highlighter

use. sparingly. the only disco ball is the one on the dance floor! again, i keep it pretty simple. i put one swipe on the upper part of my cheeks below my #designerbags. people also put it on their forehead and jawline etc... but i don't have time for that. 

highlighter | Kevyn Aucoin the celestial powder in candlelight

07. lipstick

as much as i love bright colored lipsticks... i always go back to my usual 'my lips but better' shade. i think i might actually use a whole tube of lipstick for once in my life. EEPPP!! almost 85% of the time you'll see me wearing the same shade #soboring on this blog. liquid lipsticks are really starting to appeal to me as well due to the non-smudging which is really nice when you factor in any kind of eating that needs to be done. 

lips | Glossier the balm dotcom // MAC amplified creme lipstick in brick-o-la // Tom Ford lip color in casablanca // Sephora cream lip stain

08. powder

the only time i use any sort of foundation/powder is when i have an after work photoshoot and need something to pick up all the #daygrease. this one seems to work really well and is lightweight which i like!

powder | Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish skin perfecting micro-powder in 2 medium

09. tools/brushes

HG brushes/tools include:

brows I MAC 208 angled brow brush
power & blush | Hakuhodo S103 powder blush pointed // similar by Wayne Goss
highlighter | Wayne Goss 02 powder brush
contourHakuhodo yachiyo large  // similar by NARS
curler | shu uemura eyelash curler (ain't nothing beating this)

hope you enjoyed this beauty post!,

a post done in collaboration with Dagne Dover. 
pouch provided by Dagne Dover, all opinions are my own. 

3 makeup items for an everyday look

getting my face ready is not my priority every morning. in fact, it is sleep... and more sleep! when it comes to an everyday look (and pretty much all things in life) less is always more. always. take the minimal approach in getting ready for school or work because you my dear, are beautiful and do not need all that makeup! so let's narrow it down to three items or less, shall we? 

Hourglass ambient lighting blush in luminous flush. 

Tom Ford cheek color in wicked.


01. blush (your best friend)

the number one thing to reach for is BLUSH. blush can do so much for you in terms of waking up your face! especially when you are tired, blush will be your BFF. trust me on this one, the instant flush/pop of color on the cheekbones make a world of difference. in my opinion, blush makes you look happy, friendly, and more approachable! (and who doesn't want that?!). my two beloved blushes are 1) Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in luminous flush (a champagne rose); and 2) Tom Ford Cheek Color in wicked (slightly brighter and a frosty finish). i have owned both blushes for well over a year, and there is hardly a dent in either. that tells you how pigmented they are--a little goes a long way. both are great blushes in terms of texture and color pay-off. for a more budget friendly option, i recommend MAC Powder Blush in blushbaby. i apply my blush  using HAKUHODO's S103 and S110. these brushes are quite the investment and honestly, they are worth every penny. 

02. mascara

the second item is mascara. i typically don't use mascara everyday, simply because i am really lazy and only curl them with my trusty shu uemura curler (best eyelash curler on the planet). but my all time favorite, holy-grail, can-never-live-without mascara is the Maybelline Full n Soft (waterproof). there is NOTHING like it. it is the most natural looking mascara that holds curl like no other. i always tend to go with drugstore brands because mascara is something that you should replace often. i do try new mascaras from time to time, but i always come crawling back to this one. it's that good. 

03. lip balm

the final item is lip balm. my choice is the Kiehl's Lip Balm #1. this is a color-less lip balm that is moisturizing and leaves a slight gleam on my lips. another color-less balm is the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25. i love having this as an option because it has SPF25 and SPF is very important on the lips. i have been so blessed with semi-pigmented lips so these color-less lip balms work for me. however, another great option i sometimes use is the Dior Lip Glow/Reviver, this has a slight tinge of color available in pink and coral. 

don't waste the pretty,

current lemmings -- february 2015 beauty products


01 | CHANEL Le Jardin de Chanel blush -- from the CHANEL spring Reverie Parisienne 2015 collection. looking at the entire collection will have you excited for spring! the embossed cameillas in this blush are varying shades of light to muted-pink. so pretty.
02 | NAILSINC gel effect polish -- for my nailpolish lovers! these are supposed to deliver "a gel effect for salon-quality nails." what's great is that you won't need the UV lamp or the professional removal process. available in nine different shades. 
03 | Hourglass modernist eyeshadow palette in Atmosphere -- the latest from Hourglass (a brand i love). however, reviews seem to be mixed on these. Goss Makeup Artist gave it great reviews. Temptalia not so much. 
04 | NARS all day luminous weightless foundation -- for my foundation lovers! this is the latest from NARS. even though i don't have time for foundation... but i am always intrigued by them. gave it a thumbs up! 
05 | Maybelline lash sensational mascara -- although i try different drugstore mascaras, i always go back to my all time favorite--the full n' soft by Maybelline. i will be picking this one up soon! a "full fan effect" volumizing mascara. reviews look good so far. 
06 | Charlotte Tilbury lip magic -- FINALLY, CT has come to the US!! her line consists of amazing items i've read about including the infamous Filmstar Bronze & Glow face sculpt and highlight compact. i have yet to try CT since there is not a counter near me, the horror! but i digress. the lip magic is a rejuvenating lip balm that promises younger dewy lips. 
07 | Yves Saint Laurent spring couture palette in desir de jour -- this limited edition palette... is stunning. (swoon). love the color combination and really wished i could apply eyeshadow. i must go see this in person ASAP. the colors are described as, "a combination of rich camel beige and a seductive golden brown, two deep, warm colors that are clashed by the luminosity of intense pink and iridescent champagne."
08 | CHANEL stylo yeux waterproof long lasting eyeliner in ardoise 919 -- this is also apart of the CHANEL Reverie Parisienne spring 2015 collection. i have one this eyeliner in expresso (gift from bestie!) and it works great. ardoise is a steel gray... and i don't have a steel gray eyeliner... soo....