october beauty

sharing some new beauty items on my radar. more details after the jump!


01 | Wayne Goss brush 02 -- Wayne Goss, highly respected in the make-up industry, came out with his own set of brushes that sold out upon it's release earlier this year, they always get great reviews so i've been meaning to try one. 02 caught my eye as a highlighter brush to use with my beloved Kevyn Aucoin celestial powder in candelight. these are handcrafted in Japan (so you know it's good quality just like Hakuhodo). i'm also eyeing The Eye Set. #nopunintended #deskslapper
02 | Diorshow iconic overcurl mascara set -- whenever i go see my aesthetician, we talk about a lot of beauty products! she mentioned she had tried this recently and loves it! i read some reviews and i like how it seems to hold curl pretty well. while i am not one to spend this much on mascara, i'd be curious to try it. i like how this comes with a free mini eyeshadow palette! 
03 | CHANEL le top coat lame rouge noir (vamp attitude holiday collection, limited edition) -- this holiday collection is beautiful and inspired by their vamp nail polish (which, btw, if you don't have this color you need it in your life). IMO, the stand out is this top coat with gold specks in it. um, hellooo holidays. see a review and swatches of all the polishes from this collection on @temptalia. great, now the joues contraste blush 12 coups de minuit is looking good too!  
04 | Tom Ford nail lacquer in black out (noir holiday collection, limited edition) -- just when i thought it was crazy to spend $27 USD on a CHANEL nail polish... TF takes the cake at $35 USD (I'm not ready to talk Christian Louboutin yet!). i have read that these polishes are well worth the money in terms of longevity and color pay off. from the photos this looks like a gray/black/blue with shimmer. i look forward to the release of every Tom Ford collection, he's that good. see swatches and a review on @beautygypsy.
05 | Tom Ford matte lip color in first time -- this is apart of this regular matte line of lipsticks, which are amazing and NON-DRYING (oxymoron for matte right?!). this is apart of the noir 2015 holiday collection, and a re-promote that has been re-packaged for $3 USD more than the regular packaging. this is a beautiful peachy-pink not too nude color and has vertical lines going up and down the tube. basically, it's sexy packaging at its finest. see this color on @beautyprofessor (also one of her fav lip colors!).
06 | too cool for school egg cream sheet mask -- korean beauty products are all the rage right now @sephora. this is a cloth face mask, and at a pretty good price too (at least cheaper than the SK-II facial treatment essence masks!). it is described as, "a milky, serum-enriched microfiber sheet mask infused with egg white and egg yolk extract to instantly hydrate for a bright and radiant complexion." i've read that users love the way their skin feels so soft afterwards. 
07 | Glossier boy brow -- i discovered this brand through instagram (ahem, enabler @damselflavored) starting with their lip product balm dotcom.  their newest product is the boy brow. it is supposed to, "thicken, fill in, and groom your brows into place." now that's an all in one product! it is a creamy formula and not supposed to make your brows feel "crunchy." (note: no beauty product should ever feel crunchy). comes in blond, brown, and black. love the slogan for this product, "brush your teeth, brush your brows, and then maybe brush your hair." #hilar #browgame use code "TAMIRASBROWS" @tamirajarrel for a free balm dotcom and shipping! trust me, you want anything she uses for her brows!
08 | Kevyn Aucoin gossamer loose powder in diaphanous -- apparently, this is an old product that was discontinued and made it's way back. they seem to be similar in function to the Hourglass ambient lighting powders (which are amazing) but in loose powder form. comes in two colors, diaphanous (for light skin tones) and radiant diaphanous (warmer skin tones). 

current lemmings -- september lips & accessories

01 | Yves Saint Laurent rouge pur couture kiss & love collector's edition in le neu (limited edition) -- these have the cutest lip imprints on the side of the lipstick, it's seriously sooo cute and a complete marketing ploy that i am falling for. but i did try this on, for a non-nude lip person it actually looked good! it also has a very fruity scent to it, the sales rep mentioned that the scent was due to the mango ingredient in it. the collection consists of four colors total ranging from: red, red-orange, fuchsia, and nude. however, Sephora has their own limited edition in a black-red color which also looks very interesting and perfect for fall. 


02 | Sephora Collection cream lip stain in 03 strawberry kissed -- i've seen a few youtube videos of Alix of @icovetthee and she is obsessed with these lip stains from Sephora. although the formulation is creamy, it seems to dry to a beautiful finish. strawberry kissed is described as a matte bright pinky red. Alix has also wears the color 01 always red (matte bold classic red) and that looks stunning on her as well!
03 | Christian Louboutin Beaute velvet matte lip color in louboutin rouge -- yes, i know this is $90 and that is an insane amount to spend on a lipstick. since it's release on 09/01, i have been seeing tons pictures on instagram, and wow... this color is beautiful. the rouge is like a blue-based red which is very flattering for my skintone. it comes in three different finishes: sheer voile, silky satin, and velvet matte. i've really come to like matte lipsticks and i am curious about this one. another color i'd also get (if i had a money tree) is bengali in the silky satin finish. see the rouge swatches in all three finishes on @thebeautylookbook and a youtube video of different colors and finishes by @raeview.
04 | BaubleBar pearl pin up drop earrings -- really liking these new earrings from BaubleBar. i am a huge pearl girl and love how they mixed a classic pearl into a fringe-y edgy earring. ok, i confess these are in my shopping cart right now. love the way @esther_bbswat be rockin' them! 
05 | Daniel Wellington dapper st. mawes leather strap watch 38mm -- when the first wave of DW watches came surfacing on instagram, i liked the minimal design, but didn't think it was a stand out watch. however, this new design got me like WHOA. if you read this blog, you know i am obsessed with roman numerals and blue dials. this watch is perfect for me and would be a change from my normal metal chainlink watches. this has been added to my wish list... someday one day DW you'll be mine! the best thing is that these are uni-sex, so you and your man/sister/BFF can get a pair and be all matchy matchy!
06 | Forever21 frayed two stripe scarf in charcoal/grey -- officially, yes it is technically fall. but not here in TEXAS. it is still hot as heck. but when it gets a tad bit cool (probably won't be until the end of October, boo.) i will be rocking this. love the fact that it is almost a square shape, so perfect for those days you want that handkerchief scarf look. 
07 | Stuart Weitzman nudistsong ankle strap sandal in sapphire suede -- the original nudist strap sandals are extremely minimal and classy. the only downside for me was the height (4 1/2"), i actually ordered and returned them once because they were so high, i have no idea how women walk in them without toppling over. not. for. me. however, i'm really glad to see the nudistsong in a shorter length,  3 3/4" and available in a variety of pretty colors, and widths. 
08 | Topshop noodle mid-sandals in black suede -- i LOVE block heel anything, mainly because of comfort, they make wearing heels less painful not to mention my feet are completely untrained. this block heel is 2.5" and i love the minimal sandal strap design. a great casual alternative to ankle strap stilettos. 

current lemmings -- summer beauty


01 | Hourglass ambient bronzer -- huge product release this summer and a great addition to the Hourglass powder family (which, by the way are amazing). these are going to give you a luminous sun-kissed glow. it comes in two shades: luminous bronze light (for fair/light complexions) and radiant bronze light (for medium/deep complexions). great reviews and swatches on @Temptalia / @thebeautylookbook / and @TheBeautyProfessor.
02 | Lipstick Queen lipstick in jungle queen -- (try saying i 3x fast). ever since seeing this on the utterly beautiful @ICovetThee (who by the way, has the sexiest accent ever! her youtube videos are amazing) last year, it's been on my list. i might have to cave sometime... it's the perfect summer coral-ly red orange... purchase this tax-free from spaceNK.com or bloomingdales.com.
03 | Sephora formula X nailpolish in thrilling -- tried this on in store, it's such a beautiful neutral taupe-ish color. the formula is supposed to enhance color and overall shine while providing a long lasting finish. on the website it is described as a "cloud gray." hrmmm....
04 | Kevyn Aucoin matte bronzing veil -- this a good alternative for those who do not like shimmery bronzers. available in two shades: desert days (fair/light complexions) and desert nights (medium/dark complexions). 
05 | Cle de Peau Beaute the lip serum -- i've been looking for a good lip treatment for use at night. this might be a good option, but it is very new so i haven't seen any reviews yet. yes, this is a very $$$$. but i've read many good things about the CDP skincare line so i don't think this will disappoint. 
06 | Becca x Jaclyn Hill shimmering skin perfector in champagne pop -- a blogger's/youtuber's dream is usually to partner with a brand and create their own exclusive item. talented girl Jaclyn Hill does it with this beautiful highlighter. #champagnepop seriously, just look up that hashtag and you'll see the CRAZE about this product. great review and swatches on the hilarious and friendly neighborhood beauty addict @TheMakeupAndBeautyBlog. this won't last long, so snag it while you can.

stay tuned for more summer beauty faves,

tom ford lips and boys -- michael & rafael

left to right: rafael, true coral (full size), michael

MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your family! enjoy and cherish these times. 

if you follow any beauty bloggers, you will have already heard of the Tom Ford lips and boys collection. this was released on black friday through cyber monday and only in select stores for ONE day. lips and boys is a limited edition 50-shade lipstick collection named after all the men in Mr. Ford's life. and to add to the genius marketing campaign, these are advertised as "clutch sized lipsticks" (ohhhh... Mr. Ford) retailing for $32 USD a pop/0.07 oz. for ease of picking, the 50-shades are grouped into the following color families: nudes to browns, silvers to blacks, metallics, light pinks to mauves, pops of pinks to roses, fuchsia to magentas, corals to oranges, reds, violets to orchid, and plums. 


if you missed this the first go around, they will be back December 26, 2014 (that's tomorrow!). be sure to also check out Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks, and Neiman Marcus websites. this is the PERFECT chance to try a Tom Ford lipstick because they are a little cheaper than the regular sized lipsticks which retail for $50 USD/0.1 oz. pretty steep. i really liked this concept. a smaller sized lipstick at a decent price. because... let's be honest. i don't ever see myself using a WHOLE tube of lipstick in my lifetime. ever. 

at the time i purchased these, there were no swatches available on any beauty blogs or websites. so it was almost a shot in the dark picking colors only based on product images. i wanted to venture into the oranges and pinks, so in came rafael and michael. (now lemming francesco!) 

rafael belongs to the corals to oranges family. it is a warm orange and is quite pigmented. michael belongs to the pops of pink to roses family. it is a bright medium pink with a semi frosted finish. both colors are perfect for the summer. i can't wait!

swatches are now plentiful in the blogosphere. Temptalia who is very well known in the beauty blogging world has great swatches! check out her initial swatches part one and part two. she also did individual reviews on each lipstick so be sure to use the search function to find those. also, here are a list of shades that are re-promotes (including my beloved true coral!):

  • Cooper = Pure Pink
  • Adriano = True Coral
  • Alejandro = Slander
  • Leonardo = Smoke Red
  • Xavier = Violet Fatale
  • Collin = Indian Rose
  • Cary = Casablanca
  • Didier = Moroccan Rouge

note the difference in size

helloooooo rafael

helloooooo michael

left to right: rafael, michael

go get you a boy (or two),

tom ford lip color -- true coral

the bold lip. 

i'm not one to wear lipstick. but when i do, it. will. be. BOLD. 

mr. tom ford makes an exquisite lipstick. creamy, non-drying, and extremely pigmented are reasons why i am so in love with them/him. one of my favorites is true coral. the perfect coral. a lipstick made for summer. 


at $50 USD this lipstick is not joking around. a bit much to be spending on a.... lipstick. but this lipstick is in a league of its own. from the range of colors and wear time, down to the packaging--which feels completely luxurious. (how fitting for mr. ford) outlined in gold and embossed with the famous TF symbol. it is a little bulky and barely fits into my acrylic lipstick holder... but apparently that does not stop me. 

one TF sales rep mentioned that his lipsticks do not require lip liner. good thing, because... i ain't got time for that! 

feeling apprehensive? i was too. the trick is finding the right color. it will take several tries, but don't give up! have faith.. drag a friend! and trust me, you will know it immediately when you try it on! if there is one thing you try this summer, let it be the bold lip! you. can. do. it. 

lips | Tom Ford lip color in true coral

don't waste the pretty,