tom ford lip color -- true coral

the bold lip. 

i'm not one to wear lipstick. but when i do, it. will. be. BOLD. 

mr. tom ford makes an exquisite lipstick. creamy, non-drying, and extremely pigmented are reasons why i am so in love with them/him. one of my favorites is true coral. the perfect coral. a lipstick made for summer. 


at $50 USD this lipstick is not joking around. a bit much to be spending on a.... lipstick. but this lipstick is in a league of its own. from the range of colors and wear time, down to the packaging--which feels completely luxurious. (how fitting for mr. ford) outlined in gold and embossed with the famous TF symbol. it is a little bulky and barely fits into my acrylic lipstick holder... but apparently that does not stop me. 

one TF sales rep mentioned that his lipsticks do not require lip liner. good thing, because... i ain't got time for that! 

feeling apprehensive? i was too. the trick is finding the right color. it will take several tries, but don't give up! have faith.. drag a friend! and trust me, you will know it immediately when you try it on! if there is one thing you try this summer, let it be the bold lip! you. can. do. it. 

lips | Tom Ford lip color in true coral

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